Foxy Friday: Love Actually

On January 6, pretty much every team posted the standard NHL announcement on the end of the lockout.  Doubtless the human beings at the other end of those Twitter accounts were doing backflips and splits like the rest of us, but officially they had to toe the line. Here’s what the players said.  These guys […]

Forgive and Forget?

I, like I expect many of you are, am a hockey fan conflicted. I had been desperately wishin’ and hopin’ for an end to the lockout and now that it’s here, that is part of me that feels…weird. Like my friend Karen said  “It’s like when your teenager runs away from home, and you find […]

Dear 2013

Dear 2013, Please don’t let us down. Love, Pants, Chuck and everyone who feels like the kids in this photo Crosby plays in Cole Harbor charity game [link] Have a safe and happy holiday, everyone!

Actual Hockey Was Played

Since we couldn’t attend Canada on Saturday evening, welcome Alison (@alisonsykora) with a guest post! I told myself I didn’t care anymore. The lockout was dragging and NHL hockey was no longer a part of my life. I had accepted it and moved on. Then the RBC Charity Challenge happened. “Mwhahahaha,” said Stamkos. The NHLPA […]

Doomsday Prepping

Just in case tomorrow really is the end of the world, it’s been fun.  The lockout can’t ruin hockey for me.  I decide what I love about it, like the Penguins and Capitals at the same time.  Throw in a Flyer while you’re at it.  Expansion teams, underage boyfriends, never remembering if the Blackhawks are […]

Do the Right Thing

This is a few days old, but the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. It doesn’t hurt if you’ve got a smile like Flower’s, either. Also doing good work for the holidays – the Blackhawks, helping the Greater Chicago Food Depository [link]. Jon’s getting way too much hand-in-pocket […]

Four = Tops

Chuck has lost her mojo.  She’s using words like “uninspired” and “can’t muster the enthusiasm” to describe her current state of hockey-related ennui. Well, it’s Ebs’s first-ever pro hat trick to the rescue! In my our his ongoing effort to make the whole world #TeamEbs, Jordan scored 4 goals and 1 assist on Saturday night. […]

Rock the Lockout

The number of NHL-player charity hockey games that I could not attend increased on Saturday night, with “Rock the Lockout” in Windsor, Ontario. Coached by the Windsor Spitfire’s staff and captained by Steve Ott and Dan Clearly, a total of 28 goals were scored in the contest.  The event drew 4,500 fans, including WUYS pal […]

Beauty and a Beat

Today’s productivity will officially be… SQUAT. Please tell me this CCM Pro Summit camp in Vail back in November was like regular summer camp, and they’re rehearsing an end-of-season Talent Show dance routine.  Kellerman’s, anyone?  I carry a mean watermelon. Look at Duchene desperately trying to avert his eyes.  Look away, look away… or just […]

Happy Eric Staal Day!

People are talking about Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers on 12.12.12, but we here at WUYS know how to party. Happy Eric Staal Day!   One of the worst things about this lockout is the delay of seeing Eric and Jordan on the same team.  This was going to be their year!  (Jordan got 11.11.11 […]

Think Snow

How to know WUYS is the blog for you: You’d gladly trade a summertime pool boy for the Stamkos Pants-Optional Shovel Service doing squats in your wintry yard. Once again: Gary Roberts, will you adopt us? Pssst, we were only kidding.  Steven’s well qualified for summer work too. Clearly what we need is a blizzard. […]

Frown with Love

Ladies and gentlemen, Ewan McGregor. Nope.  Claude Giroux, how dare you cut your glorious, unruly mop of hair?  And honestly, how small is your waist?! But really. It’s not exactly the right style, but I burst into a chorus of Weezer’s “Buddy Holly” when I first saw these pictures.  This hair is made for 50’s […]

How to be a Heartbreaker

I’m not sure if I’m talking about Sid or what Sid is saying, because frankly both are doing me in right now. By For all the times he’s said nothing in post-game and interviews, when even I called him a robot… sorry, Crosby.  I was only kidding.  His diplomacy at this point is astounding, seconded […]

Home Sweet Home

I was going to simply Tweet that “Ebs had his jersey retired by the Regina Pats on Wednesday” with a link to the only news story that had an photo [link]. Then I found proof that he can be adorable even when he sounds like the teacher from Charlie Brown (everyone does in this video): […]

To the Rescue

A brief spark of lockout-ending hope arced across the sky this week.  Just as appears to be plummeting back to Earth like a flaming piece of space debris… Mike Green holds a baby.  My faith in the world is restored. He must know we’re out here on the raggedy edge.  Short of showing up at […]

Before the Worst

You all know Crosby and Toews are two of the NHL players meeting with a group of owners today, sans Bettman and Fehr.  It could mean nothing or everything, but I really appreciate seeing these two still fighting.  They’ve given up their seasons too.  If they’d already gone to Europe I don’t know what hope […]

Mikey Monday: Just in Time

I thought the apocalypse was truly nigh when Tumblr failed to produce a single photo from last night’s Front Page Arlington Sandy charity drinking fest.  Alas, Russian Machine Never Breaks saves the day! The event featured a bar crawl poker tournament (cool idea, read about it here) and Mike Green.  What more does a girl need? THIS HAIR. […]

From Russia, With Love

An interview in English for a Russian TV station that’s dubbed in French? Can’t hear over the sound of Viktor Stalberg’s perfection anyway.   Go ahead and watch it in full screen glory.  The light from the camera gets a little warm toward the middle, I think.  This director should tell Viktor he can take […]

Foxy Friday: Mikey Monday

Who cares what day it is when there’s nothing to look forward to?! Listen, Bettman.  I need hockey.  Not just for the skating, shooting, scoring and screaming.  I need a pre-game skate at the Verizon Center bumping “I Get a Good Feeling” and this man with no helmet on while I cling to a Dunkin’ […]

How Do You Like Me Now?

Let’s talk about this photo James Neal posted on Twitter the other day, after a backyard hockey game at Gary Roberts’ house. First of all, Gary Roberts, why aren’t you my father?  Also, if you have any daughters I presume you’ve locked them up before inviting your padawans over. Secondly, this would never work on […]