Foxy Friday: Adam McQuaid

Mullets.  Eyebrows.  Fights.

Three things we love and post about probably more often than is normal.  But we can’t help it.

And when you have all three AT THE SAME TIME – well, we’re just smitten.  We must honor you with our most prestigious award.

This week’s Foxy Friday is Adam McQuaid of the Boston Bruins

This 6’5″ defencemen from Prince Edward Island might not be known to many outside of Boston but we’re out to change all that.

He’s so adorably Canadian, using words like “o-fence” and “eh”.  With eyebrows like his and a full mane of luxurious hair, all the world shall know the name “McQuaid.”

McQuaid, Adam - mullet

McQuaid is perhaps most famous for his hair, a riotous accumulation of dark curls like no other. It just won’t quit.

Seriously, it’s amazing.  I’m obsessed with it.

McQuaid, Adam - crazy hair

And apparently so is Adam.

McQuaid, Adam - blow dryer

Even in mullet form, his coif is pretty spectacular, while at the same time delightfully hilarious.

McQuaid, Adam - stanley cup

It takes a very special, confident man to wear this hair.  His hair alone is worthy of this Foxy Friday honor.


 In addition to the hair, he has also got some sweet eyebrows.  Look out, Zach Bogosian and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins Molly Ringwald.  You’ve been put on notice.

McQuaid, Adam - beanie McQuaid, Adam - sexy eyes 2

McQuaid is a classic defencemen – big, physical, and not afraid to mix it up when needed.  Like when he beat down Raffi Torres.


And Inigo Montoya.


Or this Canuck.

Now one must keep in top physical form in order to beat opposing players to a pulp.  Also, when Zdeno Chara freak of nature is your team mate, you best be hitting that gym wicked hahd. (God Bless the interweb and tumblr)



Crazy legs.




Only adding to his legend is his nickname – Darth Quaider.  It might be one of the best EVER.  For Star Wars nerds like us, this is just beyond perfect!

Darth Quaider T


If you’re ever find yourself lost in the woods with only a bag full of hockey sticks, some inner tubes, and a plank of wood, he’s a good friend to have.  You might even survive.

McQuaid, Adam - team bonding with Marchand


Besides all of these things, he’s just really freaking adorable.

McQuaid, Adam - sexy eyes

McQuaid, Adam - best friends

McQuaid, Adam - arms deep v

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Foxy Friday, Mr. Adam McQuaid.  I know we certainly have.

“Oh what’s that you say?  You want to take me out on a date?”

Well, if you insist.

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  1. I might be flailing at my desk right now.

    I may enjoy Ebby’s face and everything about Tazer’s life but there is only jersey I wear and that’s this man’s. Whether it’s on the ice or off, Quaider is my favorite Bruin. I could write a novel! I am so happy to see I’m not the only one who thinks he’s foxy!

    But I will fight you for him. Seriously.

    • Quaider is pretty fantastic. I’ve always liked him so I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to make him a Foxy Friday.

  2. Cassy Reply

    Took you long enough woman! But kudos points on including Foxy Ference wearing his nerdy glasses!

  3. You had me at running.

  4. Becky Reply

    I am surprised you didn’t mention him being in a dragon boat race with Kate Middleton.

  5. jana Reply

    I absolutely LOVE the photo of him in the maroon tshirt on the train. I remember when Ference posted it to Twitter when the guys were headed to NYC during the lockout. It was this photo that made me realize what I was missing. I’m now sitting shotgun on the Quaider-train!

  6. I’m having inner turmoil over this Foxy. I have, outspokenly, been opposed to this man ever since he ran at El Cap-i-tan Richards May 3, 2011 and ended up boarding himself. I have tried on many occasions to forgive him of his transgressions and he just does something else to piss me off. Ultimately though, I think it’s the hair. I can’t get past the hair. Lord knows with a hat on he could defile my existence but I just don’t understand how someone could intentionally walk around looking like Jagr’s love child. This is a battle of internal epic proportions.

  7. Melissa Reply

    Your site is hilarious, I’ve stumbled upon it a few times in the past. I absolutely LOVE this post. Quaider is my absolute favorite Bruin, it’s nice to see him in the spotlight for a change…he’s generally outshined by the Seguins and Bergerons of the Bruin squad. You might consider Krejci for a foxy Friday…he is not only extremely talented yet modest, but he’s sexy as hell and has an AWESOME accent! Just wait til he gets his front tooth fixed from the high stick he got in Toronto the other night…hahahaha

  8. rob Reply

    PEI thanks you for this.

  9. Susie Reply

    I don’t know what it is about this kid but I can’t stop looking at him.

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