Oh No You Didn’t

This news is a little old, but I was waiting for Toews’ black eye to look like guyliner before I posted a photo of him. It’s so late-90’s Rob Thomas, if y’all were even alive back then. Tazer got the shiner, of course, fighting Chuck’s LT boyfriend Joe Thornton on Friday.  I looked up from […]

My Meltdown Moment

I’m trying to think of an analogy for how I feel.  I knew the lockout would cause the cancellation of some regular season games.  I couldn’t stop it, I could only hope to contain it. NHL cancels first two weeks of regular season games – USA Today But now that it’s actually happened I am […]

We Are Never, Ever, Ever…

Lockout, Day 11: Anger Management  Since I have nothing better to do than troll the internet while self-medicating with Taylor Swift songs, I’ve found a few gems.  The kind that make you smile and cry at the same time. Bleacher Report: 50 Storylines the NHL Lockout is Making Us Miss It took me a few […]

Foxy Friday – Kris Letang

How have we never not done him? Well, I mean a Foxy Friday at least? Cause I’ve .. well. Anywho. Hot mess of hockey hair goo-goo-goodness is EVERYTHING a Foxy Friday should be and more. If a picture speaks a 1000 words then it’s a wonder the internet hasn’t exploded when a picture of this man is […]

Operation Havoc : Commander Doughty in Control

The Kings have lost only ONE play-off game to date. And after listening to the announcers last night, could they have made anymore snide/ weight remarks? Let me count them down for you: Doughty certainly is a well-rounded player Doughty just skated down the Blues bench and told them they’d have to be quicker than […]

Pants vs. Chuck – The Final Showdown

So here we go. 7:30pm tonight. Washington Capitals vs. Boston Bruins. Battle of the Blog: Pants vs. Chuck – The Final Showdown. Remember back to your history class when they talked about the gun battle at the OK Corral? Tonight’s Bruins vs Caps game is going to be just like that. Only with hockey sticks […]

Mean Girls Club 2.0

After this weekend, the heat intensified over how Brendan Shanahan decides suspensions and disciplinary action. But for us women, there’s no secret. After the Campbell empire of nepotism and favoritism crumbled there was hope for a clean start. But after almost a year in the position it looks like The Plastics are back with 2.0 […]

Weekend Hangover

I don’t hate fighting as much as some other people. What I dislike is hypocrisy. Philly has never made any apologies for who they are. What shocked me was  Matt Cooke managed to stayed out of the fray. Pittsburgh needs to decide quickly if they are going to play as a team to stay in […]

We Don't Like You Either!

If you weren’t watching the Penguins/Flyers game yesterday afternoon, you probably wondered what that noise was.  It was the rest of us screaming. I could (and will) watch this all day.  The amount of awesome cannot be expressed.  Even Pierre is speechless.  I wish they’d kept his mic live so we could hear Laviolette screaming. […]

Fight for Your Right

It can be tough to explain fighting to someone who doesn’t watch hockey. Try explaining this: Three seconds into the game (yes, first period), the Rangers and Devils had three simultaneous fights break out.  That’s barely enough time to make a “Yo Mama” joke!    Gloves and helmets, report to the ice surface. So what’s […]

ALL the Bubble Wrap!

Kris Letang took a hit to the head last night and left the Pens game in the first with an “upper body injury.” Immediately, commentators began fighting.  Some say Letang put himself in a vulnerable position.  Others are calling for Eric Nystrom’s suspension.  EJ Hradek of NHL Network says: ESPN’s (former Foxy Friday) John Buccigross […]

Fired Up

Well the Blackhawks cannot win a road game and somebody’s feeling feisty. Joey’s jealous because Chuck never made him a Foxy Friday.  Jon was rubbing it in, so Ryane Clowe came over to represent. Tazer has two career fights, and he lost them both.  He’s a beast but I’m going to say that fighting Jumbo […]

Around The League In Milestone Minutes

 It was a banner weekend ladies as many of our men made history and milestones: chillin in the dome with Jerome: Iggy got his 500th goal.  Teemu got his 651st goal by the end of the night.  Little Danny Briere put on his big boy pants and got in his third ever fight and had […]

Let's Get Loud

You guys are the best.  Mike Green starts Tweeting and our phone rings off the hook!  FOUND PANDA, people! Mike was as excited as Gator and I about the Caps putting together a serious, solid win.  Ovi had a goal (haven’t typed that in a long time), Nicky and Jeff Halpern each 1 G/1 A, […]

New Coach, New Girlfriend, New Attitude?

So Ovi has a new coach, a new girlfriend so let’s hope that leads to a new attitude! Right? Well if the first game was any indication, I might jump ship – WHAT?! Just kiddding. That sound you just heard was Pants and Chuck simulatenously dropping over. I’m  so excited for the battle of the hotties […]

Foxy Friday: Gabriel Landeskog

hey all!  Chuck here with this week’s edition of Foxy Friday! — Here at WUYS, we do not discriminate.  We love all hockey players equally.  Young. Old. Canadian. American. European.  It don’t matter.  They’re all cool in our book. Today, we’re feeling a little cougar-ish..okay a LOT cougar-ish…but not in a South Florida-divorcee-white-jeans-wearing-white-wine-drinking-sorta-way.  We’re totes classier […]

Terrier TKO…erm…Not So Much

Awww, look at how cute. Colin Wilson tried to fight someone. Heeeyyyy wait a tic… YOU TRIED TO FIGHT MAX LAPIERRE? ARE YOU CRAZY!? NOT THE FACE!  Please sweet lord in heaven, not the face.

Yeah….So that happened…

Last night’s game between the Bruins and the Hurricanes was pretty good…. until this happened.   PARTY IN THE PENALTY BOX! But this is a party you wouldn’t really want to go to.  The food is bad.  The champagne is flat.  And someone clogged up the toilet. It was ugly, people.  Oooglay. And like Nine […]

First Rule Of Bite Club – Werewolf Style.

Everyone knows the first rule of Bite Club. You don’t talk about Bite Club. Patrice Bergeron said he wasn’t going to talk about it and then proceeded to talk about. Big no-no. Tyler Durden would be really disappointed, even if you did it in French, although it may sound way more sexy. And then you get taunted […]

Sealed With A Kiss.

Sorry Chuck but the Dark Side beckons … they have cookies! PANTS: Sorry for the post-jack Dawn, but I have to add my Tweet from last night.