Mikey Monday

Remember when every Monday was about Mike Green?  Two-plus years of Mondays and that whole time, nothing this great ever happened: I don’t know where this came from, but I saw it in five places and decided that equals public domain.  They are so damned cute, I don’t think they’d care!  Everything is making me happy […]

Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike!

Guess what day it is? (I’ve been waiting a long time to make that truly terrible joke. If you don’t know: GEICO Hump Day commercial.) Mike Green scored two goals last night, including the OT game-winner. Including me jumping off the couch, from under a pile of blankets, which is the equivalent of true love […]

Mikey Monday: So Close

Mike Green was really trying to give me something to Monday about when he scored two goals in the Caps season opener vs. Chicago.  Then both goals were credited to Mikhail Grabovski. Mike is not used to sharing this MG stuff with anyone. Say what? Mike did have two assists vs. Chicago, plus another two […]

Mikey Monday: We’re Back

Oh Monday.  It’s been a while since I was so excited to see your face. And by your face, I mean Mike Green’s. The Capitals Convention was this weekend, so Mike’s friends are along to make your Monday better.  I had a hot date with Deb (@DLF1021) and Pam (@sunnyinNJ) who packed their high-powered cameras. […]

Mikey Monday: Doing It Right

Let’s start our first Mikey Monday in a while by hoping everyone in Mike’s hometown of Calgary is safe and well.  We’ve seen a lot of photos this weekend, like the Saddledome underwater, and we’re thinking of you guys. Mike is still in DC, Tweeting about car shows and country concerts (ah, summer).  He recently […]

Mikey Monday: Game Seven

It’s Game 7 time.  Heart in mouth, prayer in mind, lucky clothes on body time.  Every superstition, every trick, every measure of defiance will be in use tonight like it’s the Battle for Hogwarts all over again. Whether you’re watching Rangers/Caps or Leafs/Bruins, I defy you to make it through the post with your blood […]

Mikey Monday: ASDFGHJKL!!

Caps/Rangers Game 3 was incredible.  The kind of game that makes new hockey fans.  The kind of game that nearly kills the rest of us.   Is there anything to say or think or even feel that that isn’t breathlessly captured in these photos by clydeorama from Jasper’s Rink? Anything else you want to hug? […]

Mikey Monday: Don’t

Don’t tell me the season is almost over.  Don’t tell me there are 3 games left, you have a 3 point lead and I have to spend the next week trying not to throw up over whether or not you can hold onto a playoff spot. And don’t tell me this just happens when you […]

Pants’ TV Debut

We’ve been razzing a lot of “part-time models” around here lately.  Maybe I could be a Part Time Reporter? For my real job, I do entertainment PR and was lucky enough to work with Joel Ward and the Caps on a special screening of the new movie 42.  Joel wears number 42 in honor of […]

Mike Monday: GAME TIED

This weekend, the artist formerly known as GAME OVER changed his name to GAME TIED.  And that’s okay with us. How I looked Saturday night, only with a scream of joy. On Saturday, after hitting the post earlier in the game, Mike banked one in behind Jhonas Enroth to tie the game with 42 seconds […]

Mikey Monday: Hashtag

Last night, Mike and the Caps really wanted you to tag your Tweets. I don’t think “I miss hedgehog, fidgety, Jersey Shore-style Mike Green but at least this guy has a manicure. *P  #CapsNYR” is what they were after. They could have gone with #CutYourHair or #DontYouMissWhenIWasHot or… I’ll stop.  Mike did have a goal […]

Mikey Monday: Oh my dear sweet WTH are you doing?

Good news – Mike is traveling with the Caps!  He went to Carolina & Boston, and will make the four game trip that starts today. No word on when Bubble Boy might play, but at least he’s around for photos. From Ovi’s Twitter: I love these dorks, though I don’t understand what they’re so happy […]

Mikey Monday: Still Here

I have used every Mike Green photo on Google/Tumblr and I’m feeling really pouty.  So I went to Bing to hunt for a new photo so I could post something – anything! – here for Mikey Monday, like a candle kept burning in the window of a house waiting for someone to come home. See? […]

Mikey Monday: Try, Try, Try

Mike’s hurt again.  Or he was never really better. He missed three games in late February after aggravating last season’s groin injury, then came back for two matches.  All was not well – he did not practice Friday or make the weekend trip to Winnipeg for the Caps’ 3-0 win on Saturday. Perhaps afraid this look would […]

Mikey Monday: This Again

There is nothing funny to say today.   I’m the one person who hates ‘Groundhog Day.’ Mike Green is hurt.  A “lower body injury” kept him out of last night’s 2-1 loss to the New York Rangers.  It likely happened late in the Valentine’s Day victory over the Tampa Bay. By then I’d already eaten […]

Mikey Monday: Whip My Hair

The bad news is the Caps lost their season opener vs. Tampa Bay. The worse news is they lost 6-3 and got dominated by some old(er) guys (Brewer, Lecavalier, St. Louis) and a kid fresh off the AHL bus (Conacher). But the worst news is this: Mike Green used to style his hair with a […]

Mikey Monday:Mountain Man

Do you ever get the feeling Mike Green doesn’t want us to like him? 1.12 Post-practice video Only kidding.  He shaved his neck beard to show he cares.  (Clearly he read our Puck Daddy playoff beard coverage.) It wouldn’t work anyway.  If we liked this Mike Green: And this Mike Green: Then Cat Stevens here […]

Mikey Monday: Photo Tag

In an alternate universe, today is Monday, December 17.  The Panthers are playing the Capitals tonight.  I’ll be there, meeting Rae and Josie in our usual seats before the pre-game skate with a beer and chicken tenders.  It’s a great game: Mike has a hat trick, Nicky has four points, iCarly is under the hood […]

Mikey Monday: Just in Time

I thought the apocalypse was truly nigh when Tumblr failed to produce a single photo from last night’s Front Page Arlington Sandy charity drinking fest.  Alas, Russian Machine Never Breaks saves the day! The event featured a bar crawl poker tournament (cool idea, read about it here) and Mike Green.  What more does a girl need? THIS HAIR. […]

Foxy Friday: Mikey Monday

Who cares what day it is when there’s nothing to look forward to?! Listen, Bettman.  I need hockey.  Not just for the skating, shooting, scoring and screaming.  I need a pre-game skate at the Verizon Center bumping “I Get a Good Feeling” and this man with no helmet on while I cling to a Dunkin’ […]