Five Things – Bruins vs. Rangers

Last night, the Bruins squared off against the Rangers for the 2nd time this young season. Unfortunately, the Bruins lost (or fortunately, the Rangers won, depending on how you look at it) in OT. This game had it all.  A hat trick. Saves. Blocked shots. A geek fight. And a boy named Dougie. Thing #1 […]

Sh*t Nobody Says – Pittsburgh Edition

As the resident Ovechkin fan, I’m used to being odd-man-out so I’m just going to go for it today in this edition of: With the return of Crosby, is it REALLY a good idea? I give you the following reasons: 1. Chemistry – Malkin is ON F*CKING FIRE. His run for the Hart trophy could be […]

Five Things: Love Today

In honor of making it halfway through this week, here are five things that I love about today. 1. James Neal’s career-high 28th goal, and there are still 28 games left to play.  (Bonus: Awkwardly close-up post-game interview video.) 2. Steven Stamkos has scored against every NHL team [video].  And he got a League-leading 35th […]