More Puppies, Please.

Another day of hockey players and rescue pets? Tuesday, I’ve never liked you so much. Last year I had the Caps calendar, and it could be a front runner again this year.  Or I’ll get them all and do a wall display (and no work)! You need a close up, I know. What’s more perfect: […]

Remember us?!

Hello, friends.  Let us never again be so busy we can’t blog for almost two weeks. Luckily the NHL and Olympic Committee timed the men’s hockey break almost perfectly with ours, and today we are both back in action. Come on in for an awkward celebratory hug. We have enjoyed the women’s hockey very much, […]

Mikey Monday: We’re Back

Oh Monday.  It’s been a while since I was so excited to see your face. And by your face, I mean Mike Green’s. The Capitals Convention was this weekend, so Mike’s friends are along to make your Monday better.  I had a hot date with Deb (@DLF1021) and Pam (@sunnyinNJ) who packed their high-powered cameras. […]

Foxy Friday: Rump Shaker

Welcome to the Land of Nothing Left to Talk About, where I dredge the internet for blog topics.  Today, I got a kick out of these: From First of all, who researches these pants?  Do they go around measuring hockey players?  Or better yet, is there a back room and one of those tailor […]

Operation Hot Trick

If I’d planned better, I would have made it to Atlantic City for the Operation Hat Trick charity hockey game on Saturday night.  As it was, I couldn’t find any pants to fit me after Thanksgiving and it’s really tacky/cold to wear a hockey jersey as a dress.  Luckily, other people with cameras were there. […]

Getting Through Days

I seem to have failed, through all the posts and games and screaming fits, to truly appreciate one aspect of hockey’s influence on my life: stress relief.  Sure I get worked up about the games – rip a pillow, maybe throw a shoe – but it vents all my work frustration at the same time. […]

Best of Twitter

We have to make a whole category for this if we’re going to get through the off-season.  Can someone remind me what we did in the summer before Twitter?  How did we ever know: Who makes double entendres with random-yet-endearing capitalization? What Ebs dreams of when he looks in the mirror? Who needs you to […]

3 AM (It Must be OT)

It wasn’t quite 3 AM, but close… When John Carlson scores a goal, I get irrationally happy.  When that goal is assisted by Karl Alzner, I yell, “Apples to Apples!” and jump around the room.  Can we get this guy a clear mouth guard? Sadly iCarly’s goal was not enough as the Caps lost an epic triple-overtime […]

From: Pants, Re: Your Pants

Nicky B and iCarly hosted a hockey school yesterday.  First John goes on vacation with Mike, now this? [video]  It’s like an all-out offensive being launched against me and Gator. It’s great to see Backstrom doing anything these days.  We have not heard that he’s skating or even working out, though he looks energetic here. […]

I Love Twitter – Episode 74

I actually said, “Baby Jesus in the manger.” when I saw this. For the record, Gator is fine. She saw this last night and didn’t even mention it.  In fact, no one mentioned it. I thought we were friends, you guys!!! And Karl too, of course.  These two are so freaking precious. Here’s Zac’s story […]

Mikey Monday: Casino Royale

Caps Care Casino Night was Friday, and Mike was there.  We were not.  Damn. During the auction part of the evening, guests could bid on various high-risk scenarios with their favorite hockey players.  Like a Segway Tour with Ovi, Brooks, Knuble and Sasha Fierce, or bowling with Carlzner, Ward and Hendricks.  There is a bowling […]

Hot Wheels

On Thursday night, Gator and I went to the Washington Auto Show to meet John Carlson and Brooks Laich.  It was more than a little disorganized, but we sweet-talked the right people and ended up getting to hang around their interview filming and then cut the whole line.  Unintentionally awesome! Be jealous.  They were super […]

Mikey Monday: Photo Booth

Hmm, 500 unopened emails or Mikey Monday? I can’t think of anything that looks happier than this, except maybe getting to actually see all the photostrips clearly.  But this is pretty much the definition of joy.  And bromance. If they can’t play hockey, at least they have each other. (Side note: Mike’s girlfriend is a […]

Nicky. Twitter. YES.

To everyone who saw this last night and thought of us, thanks!  Nicky Backstrom joined Twitter and the DC-area power gird promptly failed as fangirls crashed the mainframe.  I think Nicky joined now because he has the best profile photo of any Washington Capital. Or it could be because I got my Backstrom shirt in the […]

Birthday Boy: John Carlson

Happy Birthday, iCarly!  John is 22 today. (Shamelessly recycling this post for John’s 23 birthday.) iCarly was born outside of Boston (represent!) and grew up in New Jersey.  We can’t explain the math but this makes us love him even more.  In the 2010 World Junior Championship vs. Canada, John had two goals including the […]

Dear Santa…

My best friend and I used to debate what kind of accident would be required to get Extreme Home Makeover to choose our apartment in NYC.  If she pushed me down the stairs?  If I loosened a board so she fell through into the pizza place?  You don’t *want* these things to happen, but the […]

Mikey Monday: Puppy Love

If someone finds my lifeless body later today, no need for an investigation. Cause of death: Mike Green with this dog. Why is this picture killing me so much?  Why do I love a shirt that’s kind of ugly and doesn’t even really match his pants?  Who has bacon behind the camera, because the dog […]

Let's Get Loud

You guys are the best.  Mike Green starts Tweeting and our phone rings off the hook!  FOUND PANDA, people! Mike was as excited as Gator and I about the Caps putting together a serious, solid win.  Ovi had a goal (haven’t typed that in a long time), Nicky and Jeff Halpern each 1 G/1 A, […]

If We Had a Million Dollars…

Gator and I would be going to the 2011 Walk This Way Charity Fashion Show tomorrow night in DC.  And not just because it’s a great event. Come support Washington Redskins’ Brian Orakpo, Anthony Armstrong, DeAngelo Hall, Capitals’ John Carlson, Karl Alzner, Nick Backstrom, DC United’s Ben Olsen, Former Redskins Gary Clark, Former Jets John Bootyand others as […]

As You Wish

How am I supposed to get any work done around here?!?!?! Apparently that’s not enough.  I’m only mostly dead, because I croaked “true love” with my second-to-last breath, so @CapsCR had to back up and run me over again: I’ll tell you what he can take home. And just to make sure no one was […]