From Russia, With Love

An interview in English for a Russian TV station that’s dubbed in French?

Can’t hear over the sound of Viktor Stalberg’s perfection anyway.


Go ahead and watch it in full screen glory.  The light from the camera gets a little warm toward the middle, I think.  This director should tell Viktor he can take off the hat/parka/anything else he feels like.

His eyelashes are so long they make shadows.  Jeeeeeeeeeez.

Viktor has played 4 games for HC Atlant, and has two assists and a +2 rating.  No reports on what was happening with his hair.

Metric system, I would enjoy whatever number I weigh if Viktor’s tipping the scales at 95.  Especially if he’s 191 tall.

This Friday is looking pretty Foxy after all, eh?

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  1. Deb Reply

    That beard!!!!

  2. So does Europe just make everyone look like Henry Cavill or….?

    Also, I love that Europe cuts out the bullshit with their metric system. Biel lists PKane as 175cm, or BARELY 5’8″. I mean, yes, even with the mullet, but you were fooling no one with that 5’11”, Blackhawks official website.

    • I was thinking less Henry Cavill, more Stephen Amell the guy from Arrow, every week when I watch that show, all I think about is Viktor Stalberg. It’s both a blessing and a curse.

      • jana Reply

        YES!! Love Stephen Amell and definitely see a resemblance.

        • Well why wouldn’t you love him, he’s Canadian and has more ripples on his stomach than a cobblestone road.

          • jana

            Ha! So true!!

  3. jana Reply

    I love everything about that video. Especially those eyelashes. Imagine waking up to those every morning?! Good grief!

  4. Molly Reply

    Stephanie, thank you for mentioning that show. I now have a new favorite TV addiction. Every time I watch, I just imagine Stalberg saving the world. So much love for Stalberg… he brings out the dreamy fangirl in me!