Before the Worst

You all know Crosby and Toews are two of the NHL players meeting with a group of owners today, sans Bettman and Fehr.  It could mean nothing or everything, but I really appreciate seeing these two still fighting.  They’ve given up their seasons too.  If they’d already gone to Europe I don’t know what hope we’d have of saving anything now.

Also, it’s a shame no teams have female owners.  Send in these two and this shit would be over by lunch.

Go get ’em, boys.

(Seriously this is my goal in life.  Just once.)

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  1. Macy Reply

    Please, keep the fabulous gifs/posts coming. This way, I can avoid studying for finals.

  2. Pants Reply

    I can’t stop watching the Sid gif. He’s thinking, “I am the best thing that ever happened to you. I might even kill you and you’ll like it.”

    • Macy Reply

      My thoughts exactly. Sid and his beautiful hair/face > all other things

  3. Seriously, I can’t even describe what is happening to my body right now at the sight of that Sid gif. Like, HONESTLY? I need CPR. Right now. From Sid.

    • Pants Reply

      We missed you! If Sid ever looked at me like that someone would have to mop me off the floor.

  4. I would give Tazer anything he wants. Anything.

    All joking aside, I really hope they are able to at least get the ball rolling today.

  5. Let’s be honest. If there were women owners, there wouldn’t have been a lockout in the first place.

    • Also – if I don’t get pictures of this meeting, I will hurt someone.

    • Helen Reply

      It’s true, I tweeted that this morning. They’d definitely be talking more, at the very least.

  6. Mrs. Schenn Reply

    HOLY CRAP!! LOVE this site! I just found it tonight while I was doing homework.I didn’t realize just how desperate and lonely my life was without hockey until I saw Henrik Lundquists pictures on here…Don’t tell my husband I said that…I want Sid to do that to my hair..NOW. Those lips of his give me ideas!