Beauty and a Beat

Today’s productivity will officially be… SQUAT.

Please tell me this CCM Pro Summit camp in Vail back in November was like regular summer camp, and they’re rehearsing an end-of-season Talent Show dance routine.  Kellerman’s, anyone?  I carry a mean watermelon.

Look at Duchene desperately trying to avert his eyes.  Look away, look away… or just get out of my spot, Matty.   I’ll take it from here.

Is it too many 80’s references if I point out that somebody’s going to put Molly Ringwald in a corner?  He’s leading with the wrong leg.  Tavares in the back looks like he could do this all day.  As for Gabe, well, half of him is more than all of most people.

(We love @alisonsykora!)

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  1. Cassy Reply

    I’d have brought the entire line up to a standstill if I was in the row directly behind Sid.

    You know why.

  2. Thighs. So many thighs…

  3. Ashley Reply

    there is no such thing as too many 80’s references.

  4. Between seeing this on tumblr this morning, and now seeing it on here, I’ve wasted at least 15 minutes staring at the two gifs.

    I think I could watch Sid do this all day though.

  5. Anne Reply

    Thank you for bringing us posts like this. I’ll be over here with my eyes glazed over.

  6. Even half a Gabe is more than my loins can handle.

    Good lord…