Think Snow

How to know WUYS is the blog for you:

You’d gladly trade a summertime pool boy for the Stamkos Pants-Optional Shovel Service doing squats in your wintry yard.

Once again: Gary Roberts, will you adopt us?

Pssst, we were only kidding.  Steven’s well qualified for summer work too.

Clearly what we need is a blizzard.  Snowpocalypse: Episode II?  We’ll provide sugar free, no-calorie hot chocolate for everyone… who watches from inside.

And unemployed NHL players who bring their own shovels.  

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  1. Rhonda Reply

    “Shovel my yard”

    Is that what they’re calling it these days?

    • Pants Reply

      I’m still laughing, trying to think of another way to say it. Gutterminds.

  2. Val Reply

    Shoveling…hmmm! I like that a lot!

  3. Jesus, Stamkos. What the hell??

  4. Cassy Reply

    I know you guys are pretty well inured to the cold, but, Jesus Stammer! Shorts?! At this season!?

    We know that you know that we know you know how much we like it when we can see bits of your, ahem, physique (and posterior), but preferably not dropping off due to frostbite, OK?

    Although I am available for home nursing….