Vanilla Ice

With no warning, as I strolled through Whole Foods, I saw this on my phone: You better believe I thought I’d shuffled off this mortal coil, right there in front of the bulk lentils.  I wondered how, in the distant future, when my husband met me in the afterlife I would explain that picture of Jonathan Toews that had […]

Honey, I’m Home.

Remember me?  I was visiting my parents last week and there are no interwebs in the woods.  Also there is no NBC Sports Network so it’s a good thing I was at a Lady Antebellum show instead of trying to watch Game 2!  The outcome was also much better. Chuck is on vacation and I […]

Tee Time

Somewhere in the world, Jonathan Toews is playing golf [link]. It’s July.  Work with us on the “news” here. It’s for a good charitable cause too –  not just an excuse to dust of the old “Toews Does Squats” category. Okay, it’s arguably not a squat.  But who says Captain Wonder Bread is not fun? […]

A Few Sweet Dudes

You knew it was coming.  Captain Serious cannot be outdone in any category (especially his own category) – he was just saving the best for last.  Taking a (really too obvious but keep doing squats and we don’t care) page from 24/7, Blackhawks TV once again brings you the best hockey programming around.  Carter, Lindsay and […]

Toews does…

I’ve been saving this for a day when there is nothing else to post.  Best category on this blog.

Birthday Boy: Jonathan Toews

Our beloved Captain Serious turns 23 today.  Best guess is that he’s facedown next to six or eight empty DiGiorno Pizza & Breadsticks boxes and a pile of Yoo-Hoo bottles.  But we’re here to tell Tazer there’s no need to be sad. As Foxy Friday alum and Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the Derp, Jonathan Toews […]

Squats are the New Black

I don’t want to steal anyone’s thunder on Foxy Friday, but Jonathan Toews does.  We asked him to give someone else a minute, but Jon just smiled and did another set of squats.  How are we supposed to compete with that?  Squats are JT’s secret fangirl-destruction device, so we’re creating a category for them here.  […]

We Will Become Unconscious

Well, most of us anyway.  The NHL debuted their new ad campaign over the weekend: Questions Will Become Answers. I thought this slogan was kinda lame until I saw the videos.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME? (Sorry CI, but a girl needs a moment here.)  Did I make an entire ad campaign and completely forget?! Because […]