Ugly Sweater Weather

Let’s be honest. It’s time to retire the “ugly Christmas sweater” idea. The universe knows it, Santa knows it. My retinas certainly know it. But how can we be absolutely sure it’s time to kick a trend to the curb? The NHL has fully adopted it.   Whew. That’s what the hangover feels like after you’ve […]

Over and Over

Why do I watch the Penguins play the Flyers? It’s not because the Penguins ever win. It’s more like seeing a disaster unfold and being unable to look away – if you’ve ever been around when a flaming asteroid obliterated a theme park. Now, I could watch because I hate the Flyers. They always do […]

Terrible Tuesday

Get it, like Mikey Monday?  Well I can maniacally laugh now because the Caps just won an overtime comeback victory, but look at this: That would be 18 penalty minutes in under 12 minutes of game time.  Mike Green: Time Turner.  Making time out of time that hasn’t happened yet because he has that many […]

Stop the Madness

Did Saturday’s Bruins/Pens debacle really happen?  I kept hoping to wake up and find that it was all just a horrible dream.  But alas, it was not. That mess really did happen.  I’m disgusted in both teams because they are better than that. They have really made me mad.  Like flames on the side of […]

Just Give Me a Reason

I suppose we need to talk about this.  I really don’t want to. I hate the Bruins.  Chuck hates the Penguins.  And while there’s plenty to shout about the opposition in last night’s debacle, it left more than enough responsibility for our own teams.  Two incidents, two aggressors, two outcomes.  I’ll leave it to Chuck […]

Karma is a….

You fill in the blank. Last night, Tyler Seguin and Rich Peverley both scored in the shootout to lift the Stars over the Bruins.  Perhaps it is a little poetic justice for those two guys who had to endure the embarrassing and juvenile booing and chants each time they touched the puck. Booing?  Really?  Why is that […]

On Optimism

I got home last night and Mr. Pants asked how the Penguins game went. After a withering glare, and admitting to the 2-2 series score, he asked if I thought the Penguins would still win. Yes, I do.  Of course I do.  They’re my team. My optimism took a beating last night, and I couldn’t […]

Asshole Day

I’m a publicist in real life, which generally leads me to desire a talking ban on everyone until their comments have been approved.  But that’s my dream world. Last night, Duncan Keith made a probably sexist, definitely stupid remark to a female reporter after the Blackhawks loss to Vancouver.  From Puck Daddy: Keith: “What did […]

Yeah, So That Happened…

Last night’s Bruins vs. Pens was pretty good…until the 3rd period. That is when the Pens’ offence sprang to life and took advantage of some uncharacteristic mistakes by my beloved Bruins.  Pens scored 3 goals in under 5 minutes and went on to defeat the Bruins 3-2. Now, I’m not making excuses [because there is […]

Damn It, Danny.

Time for my daily existential Danny Briere-related crisis. The Caps are so frustratingly bad right now that I swore I would not go tonight’s game.  Despite taking 8 penalties in the first 34 minutes of last night’s match vs. Toronto, they managed to drag a one goal lead into the third period… and still blew […]

A Girl’s Guide to Girls

The phrase “put your foot in your mouth” is especially painful when that foot is wearing a high heel. Today the Rangers posted this article to their website.  Read it, then come back. A Girl’s Guide to Watching the Rangers (screencaps @SI_sarahkwak) Cue Berserker Rage.  The article earned a near-instant pile of negative comments and a […]

The NHL Lockout: Number Crunching and Soul Crushing

There are two men who work in the WUYS offices… Or rather one man and one very adorable intern. Chocolate Iced is the sole voice of reason in this estrogen-filled den of hockey immorality. While he might not post often, when he does, he brings a certain wisdom and insight that we appreciate and value. […]

Lockout Blues

On Saturday night, after the lockout became official, I had a weird, scary dream that I was trying to get to a watch party to see Stamkos score his 60th goal.  No matter what happened, I couldn’t make it.  The ground was mud. I ran into my mom.  Someone gave me a cheeseburger (really).  I […]

I can’t even laugh.

If I were not so pissed about the looming lockout, I would find this caption hysterical. Apparently Intern Jeff Skinner is much smarter than the intern who captioned this photo of Eric Staal.  Either that, or Jeff’s moonlighting at the Associated Press. I know it’s just a typo, but is it an omen?  Does it […]

The Case for Danny Briere

Lindsay tried to warn Chuck about this last night – I’m surprised Chuck didn’t lock me out of here today! It’s not that serious, but I’ve got a recurring problem: every time I hear the Rascal Flatts song “Banjo,” I get really excited and start rocking out in my car.  It’s a good 30 seconds […]

I Hate Everyone

I’m not quite sure what to say about today’s Penguins/Flyers game and I re-wrote this post three times (while trying not to throw up).  This game was an implosion – a disgusting, dirty, insulting excuse for a game the Penguins lost fair and square. First off, the score.  Can ANYONE be bothered to cover Danny […]


The Blackhawks have won five in a row, including an OT nail-biter against Vancouver last night.  Their next game is Sunday vs. Nashville – a big one for playoff position.  Too bad they’re going to have to do it without Duncan Keith: No question that’s a dirty play.  Daniel Sedin struggled back to the bench, […]

Shanabanned: Mike Green

Sorry if this place looks like Hate on the Caps Central.  We just want to win!! And this won’t help.  Mike Green has been suspended three games. I would be lying if I said the idea of Brendan Shanahan yelling at Mike on the phone didn’t give me the giggles.  I picture it like the […]

An Open Letter To Ted Leonsis

I simply have to vent this and get it off my, ah, proverbial chest ladies. As the resident Ovi fan and Captials fan, I know this will come as shock, but I AM SO MAD AT HIM, at them, at the WORLD and have been for some time and I just have to say and get it […]

From: Pants, Re: Your Pants

Nicky B and iCarly hosted a hockey school yesterday.  First John goes on vacation with Mike, now this? [video]  It’s like an all-out offensive being launched against me and Gator. It’s great to see Backstrom doing anything these days.  We have not heard that he’s skating or even working out, though he looks energetic here. […]