Frown with Love

Ladies and gentlemen, Ewan McGregor.

Nope.  Claude Giroux, how dare you cut your glorious, unruly mop of hair?  And honestly, how small is your waist?!

But really.

It’s not exactly the right style, but I burst into a chorus of Weezer’s “Buddy Holly” when I first saw these pictures.  This hair is made for 50’s buttoned-up Brylcreem perfection.


It doesn’t really mess well, and if you wear a helmet all the time… well, we’ll see.  Euro styling is having the opposite effect on Seguin and I think we prefer it.

Still, ginger is ginger.

with Hunter Hayes

But more ginger is better.

And G’s is the best.

Sigh.  My world is practically ginger-free without hockey and that is a sad, monochromatic thing.  I think I’ll watch Brave for inspiration.

(Thanks to everyone who sent us these.  This lockout has not slowed your internet sleuthing.)

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  1. Cassy Reply

    NO NO NO!

    It looks TERRIBLE!!! It doesn’t look like him AT ALL.

    Grow it back forthwith Gingeroux or consider yourself in deep trouble!

    Ps How’s Ebs working out in the office? Did he water and polish all the plastic plants yet? So he had to bend over…. Can you send Jeff round with some Caramilks please? He has to go to Canada to get them. And some Crystal Light? Well, there’s still a lockout and I can always loan him to some European teams, but jus’ for a minnit. Jus’ a minnit.

  2. Kitkat Reply

    NOOOOOOOOO!!!! I’m not sure which is worse at this exact moment- the lockout or this haircut.

  3. GINGERWHATAREYOUDOING?????? I cannot get the HORRIFIED look off my face. UGH JESUS CLAUDE. I had fully crossed over into love of your French-ness and that hair – but THIS? Ugh. Points for hanging with Hunter Hayes (love that kid!) and minus points for no tooth. Get it together, 28.

    • I agree about the tooth (ew), but I’m kinda diggin’ the hair. I blame Tyler and One Direction for making Euro styling do it for me.

  4. Kathy Reply

    I am glad that I am not the only one in pain over this haircut. More ginger hair is better. Nice comparison to Ewan McGregor. He is pretty fine, too!

  5. KC Reply

    I just hunted down this post because I wanted to steal the top picture. I figured while I am here I’d let you all know that, according to his Twitter, G is growing the hair back!