Foxy Friday: Mikey Monday

Who cares what day it is when there’s nothing to look forward to?!

Listen, Bettman.  I need hockey.  Not just for the skating, shooting, scoring and screaming.  I need a pre-game skate at the Verizon Center bumping “I Get a Good Feeling” and this man with no helmet on while I cling to a Dunkin’ Donuts ice tea and try not to faint into someone’s expensive rinkside seat.

I cannot even even wait till Monday.  Mike Green has honest-to-God hockey hair and I need to see it IRL.

Honestly, Mike could not be less my type of guy (except for the Canadian and hockey parts).  Tattos and long hair and hipsters?  Bring ’em on!  This Dorothy will never surrender.  If he wants to live in these woods with no iron for his shirt, that’s fine. I hate ironing.  Also skinny jeans have EXTRA small pockets, an excellent showcase for hand tattoos.

This holiday season, I’m thankful for Foxy Fridays, and friends who send me the same MG52 photo within minutes of each other in the middle of the freaking night.  Amanda & Deb, I hope Santa is good to you this year.

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  1. Kitkat Reply

    I fully support the mountain man look…. would be even better with some facial hair!

  2. When the hair starts curling over the hat…I can’t. It’s my kryptonite.

  3. Alli Reply

    Pants: Let’s invite Mike to the Hershey Bears Game next Thursday. Not like he has any of his own games to attend… and Party Bonus!–Connor’s Select team will be playing a full game on the Verizon Ice before the game starts. He could watch his favorite little fan go top shelf! (Are you going?)