Foxy Friday: Justin Faulk

I had something clever to say about the Carolina Hurricane’s Justin Faulk , but really, this sums it all up. Foxy Friday: Justin Faulk   So, yeah. We’re talking about hockey! Justin Faulk is 23, American from Minnesota, plays defense and was the Canes’ sole representative at this year’s NHL All Star Game. He also […]

Foxy Friday: Farewell

There are three Fridays left in the regular season, and with that, it’s time to bite the bullet. We must bid adieu to some of our favorites, sending them off to summer with strict instructions for shirtless boat-selfies, colorful golf pants/plaid shorts and hey, if anyone wants to pour ice water over his head and post […]

Kitchen Confidential

At last year’s Carolina Hurricanes 2014 Casino Night, people bid on auction items that for some reason weren’t redeemed until this year.  I don’t know why.  But it seems to have been worth the wait. Video: Cooking with the Canes We didn’t bid to win a cooking class with Foxy Friday alum Elias Lindholm and Intern Jeff Skinner, […]

Foxy Friday: Elias Lindholm

This week’s Foxy Friday suggestion came to us from one of our twitter followers, Ellie (aka @hockeyfied) Besides the obvious (#Sweden), I honestly had no idea who Elias Lindholm was. But I do now. Bless you, Ellie, for enlightening me. Everyone meet Elias Viktor Zebulon Lindholm. Yes, that it is actually his name, and yes, […]

Intern Update

It’s an awkward moment in any boss’ career when you realize that, over the summer, your intern became hot. We could dial that back down a few notches to “attractive,” because Intern Jeff Skinner will always have the face of a 12-year old and be our equivalent of a little brother.  But it’s safe to say […]

Intern Hat Trick!

We will never hear the end of this one.   Only kidding.  Congratulations Intern Jeff Skinner on his first career hat trick! Look how excited everyone is!  Especially Jordan! Especially us! And these people in the Intern Jeff Skinner Fan Club – Nashville Chapter! (Psst: We told you so.) Forget that.  More exclamation points!!!!!  Jeff […]

60 Minutes

Last night, Bruins finally managed to put together a solid “60 minute effort”, as the kids like to say.  You know who is happy? Granted it was against the Carolina Hurricanes, who are taking a long ride on the struggle bus, but the effort was the Bruins’ most consistent of the season and they were […]

Intern Intervention

Remind a girl – how did we have fun before Twitter? While this picture is funny (and by funny I mean ALARMING and BACK UP, HONEY), the best part comes from our friends at @Section328: Now, now.  I like TSwizzle and have been known to bust into a sing-along at the top of my lungs. […]

Intern Birthday!

Oops, am I late?  We’ve been celebrating Intern Jeff Skinner’s birthday.  He’s 21 today, so… we were having apple juice and cake. And we made him serve it.  This is a job, people! Jeff’s big day comes during the un-offseason.  He’s rather be in the playoffs, but how does Jeff feel about playing for Team […]

Didn’t We Almost Have it Staal?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Jared Staal will make his NHL debut tonight with the Hurricanes.  That means Eric, Jordan and Jared will all be on the ice!  Marc, who’s still recovering from an eye injury and the subsequent “I told you so!” of Mama Staal, made the trip with the Rangers.  Trust he’ll be looking […]

Tearin’ Up My Heart

Five days left left?  NHL ’13, we hardly knew ye!  Let’s be honest, though. The 2013 season has not been kind to all those we love. Some teams, after these grueling months, could use a break, a tan and another go at it next year.  I’m not saying quit, of course.  Feel free to ruin […]

Southern Hospitality

How can a hockey game be better than a hockey game? When there’s tailgating. Us on a nicer day (next time). The fantastic folks of @Section328 invited me and my friends to their pre-game party on our Raleigh Road Trip.  Rainy, cold weather could not stop them from setting up the tent and busting out the Chicken […]

Not the INTERN!

This really isn’t funny. When we hire interns, we expect them to work.  When I drive all the way to Raleigh for the Bolts vs. Canes game on Saturday, 2/23, I expect Intern Jeff Skinner to play. Jeff is out of the Canes lineup with an undisclosed “upper body injury.”  Don’t look at us like […]

Professor vs. Intern

So apparently Patrice Bergeron and Intern Jeff Skinner got into a “scrum” at the end of the Bruins/Hurricanes game last night. This was our reaction. I know.  I can’t stop laughing either.  So much hilarity. My feed didn’t actually show the fight because it happened behind the play and Tyler Seguin happened to be on his way […]

Awkward Family Photos

Roster photos are like a walk through a mine field.  Never have so many attractive guys looked like they were kidnapped, stuffed in a trunk and taken to a Walmart Portrait Studio. Remember that one parent with the plastic comb that “fixed” everyone’s hair on school picture day?  That parent was absent from the Penguins […]

Happy Eric Staal Day!

People are talking about Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers on 12.12.12, but we here at WUYS know how to party. Happy Eric Staal Day!   One of the worst things about this lockout is the delay of seeing Eric and Jordan on the same team.  This was going to be their year!  (Jordan got 11.11.11 […]

I can’t even laugh.

If I were not so pissed about the looming lockout, I would find this caption hysterical. Apparently Intern Jeff Skinner is much smarter than the intern who captioned this photo of Eric Staal.  Either that, or Jeff’s moonlighting at the Associated Press. I know it’s just a typo, but is it an omen?  Does it […]

Paging Intern Jeff Skinner

Where is Intern Jeff Skinner right now?  At Biosteel Camp slacking off when he should be forwarding our collective resume for this job? Talented, witty, personable with a communications degree… sounds like some people around here.  (I left off the part about the criminal background check, which probably include a Google search and then ZIP, […]

Intern Desk: Pay Day

Intern Jeff Skinner here.  Jeez, I thought it was tough to get a word in during the regular season.  If Landeskog could keep his shirt on, maybe we’d have some bandwidth left!  Ahem, as I was trying to say… I signed a $34.35 million, 6-year contract. Not that anybody cares, because Crosby is doing something […]

Oh Carolina.

Last year was tough for the Carolina Hurricanes. EStaal was minus-257 (ish) on the season.  Intern Jeff Skinner had a concussion and was limited to 20 goals.  Cam Ward’s save percentage was 36th among goalies (down from 17th the year before).  They picked up a little after getting a new coach in Kirk Muller, but […]