Four = Tops

Chuck has lost her mojo.  She’s using words like “uninspired” and “can’t muster the enthusiasm” to describe her current state of hockey-related ennui.

Well, it’s Ebs’s first-ever pro hat trick to the rescue!

In my our his ongoing effort to make the whole world #TeamEbs, Jordan scored 4 goals and 1 assist on Saturday night.  That’s date night, for those of you playing along at home.  We wish we had a date with a hockey game.


Sad Santa has reported that you cannot buy an Eberle Barons shirt, even though he is the AHL’s top scorer. [store link]

The embargo we’ve imposed on buying anything NHL-related hardly helps, because they don’t make Ebs shirts for women either.  GAH!  It’s okay, we’ll design our own and send Jordan a check.  He can buy a bell for his bike.


Entire post-game interview:


Despite all this, the Barons have dropped to 4th in their division and 7th in the AHL Western Conference.  The standings are pretty jammed up and they’re just six points out of the lead.  Plenty of time left to play… seriously, has hockey season ever seemed so long?

Okay, that’s gratuitous.  I’ll admit it.

UPDATE: Jamie says they do make Ebs shirts for girls.  When the NHL gets its shit together and buys us lots of flowers and chocolates, we might think about getting back together enough to give them money.  Maybe by then the Oilers store will have Ebs’ shirts back in stock.  Though it’ll be a tough choice between that and…

Please, hockey.  Please come back.

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  1. They make women’s Eberle shirts. I have one in my dresser right now. The NHL website sucks though; the Oilers store has so much better selection.

    • Pants Reply

      Thanks Jamie! It’ll be my first shopping stop, someday.

  2. Cassy Reply

    Don’t. Mention. The. Lockout.

    Cassy can’t take it anymore…..

  3. It’s true.
    I’m like Austin Powers. My mojo is gone.
    But Ebs in that Red Sox hat and cardigan might just bring me back to life.