Mikey Monday: Just in Time

I thought the apocalypse was truly nigh when Tumblr failed to produce a single photo from last night’s Front Page Arlington Sandy charity drinking fest.  Alas, Russian Machine Never Breaks saves the day!

The event featured a bar crawl poker tournament (cool idea, read about it here) and Mike Green.  What more does a girl need?


Photo by Kevin MacDonald via Russian Machine Never Breaks

I don’t know what to say.  It’s somewhere between “I think I love it” and “I had this haircut once, in a tragically ill-advised attempt at a pixie cut.”  Either way I could never get away with that shirt he’s wearing.

There are a few more pictures over at RMNB, who also report that Mike picked up the entire bar tab.  He kinda had to after offering:

Bravo to him, good work by everyone and let’s get this damned lockout ended tomorrow because Mike needs to make some of his money back.

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  1. Tiffany (@TiffanyRella) Reply

    Holy some kind of hotness. He looks good. God do I miss hockey.

  2. Jana Reply

    Pants! How/Why were you not there?! We all know he would’ve remembered you from the Habitat function this summer!

    Ad yes, I’m loving the hair.

  3. MouthGuard Reply

    Spectacular locks! You should pay him to keep them.

  4. Deb Reply

    I’m ashamed to admit that without the visible tats, plaid shirt or skinny hipster jeans, I has to look twice to recognize him. Glad to see he’s on board with Flocember, though