Goals and Goals

I pity the fool who answers the NHL TV customer service line when I call today. Well, the person won’t be a fool, nor can they actually do anything about the disaster of a changeover from Game Center Live. But still. I don’t pay $150 a year to miss Sidney Crosby hat tricks! Last night, Sid […]

#BeardWatch2016 Begins

In September at our college reunion, I confessed to Chuck that I am secretly so tired of writing about beards. I can’t be funny anymore, I am no longer inspired, I’ve seen everything and…   I LIED. BEARDS ALWAYS. Did anyone know about this? I’m glad you didn’t warn me. #TeamEbs turning up in November looking like […]

10 Days of… oh well.

I was going to do a “Happy Almost Holidays!” post this morning, but there isn’t really anything good to report.  Instead I’ll trye to motivate myself and see if I can do a post a day for 10 days, so we approach 2015 with momentum. Don’t hold your breath. Dallas Eakins got fired Most bosses should be […]

Hey, Big Spender.

GAH. Chuck keeps posting pictures of Westlife from a hundred years ago and now the Oilers are back and my boyband meter is off the charts.  Intern Jeff Skinner might get sent to Krispy Kreme to pickup lunch. This week is the 3rd Annual Jordan Eberle & Friends golf tournament for the Hospitals of Regina Foundation.  The event included […]

One Last Thing

I hate to say ‘it’s almost that time of year,’ but with about 10 games left in the regular season, we’ll soon say goodbye to some of our favorites. And hello to their off-season golf shorts, boats-on-lakes and selfies.  Amirite? Before it’s over, a last look at some players we haven’t looked at in a […]

Spring Breakers

Welcome back, NHL hockey. Before I watch my first evening game in weeks tonight, the Olympic break needs a nod to non-Olympians.  Not everyone went to Sochi – or stayed home watching ice dancing. Without posting the entire Tumblr tag (Honestly, where do people find this stuff?), it’s safe to say you wish you went […]

Intern Hat Trick!

We will never hear the end of this one.   Only kidding.  Congratulations Intern Jeff Skinner on his first career hat trick! Look how excited everyone is!  Especially Jordan! Especially us! And these people in the Intern Jeff Skinner Fan Club – Nashville Chapter! (Psst: We told you so.) Forget that.  More exclamation points!!!!!  Jeff […]

Foxy Friday: Sam Gagner

I’m tempted to boycott Foxy Friday until someone produces a photo of Crosby and Sutter as Maverick and Goose.  Like a hunger strike, or a tantrum in the candy aisle at Target. Yet I can’t do that when on of our favorite faces has returned to a) it’s former adorableness and b) the game of […]

Canada is Glorious, Ch. 211

You may recall a while back when I got really excited about this. Like whooping, twirling and scaring Intern Jeff Skinner excited.  (We don’t let him work the Halloween Party.)  Then yesterday, more screams were heard ’round the world as Lindsay and Alison whipped these around the internet. Alison found this teaser:   And she […]

Oh, Edmonton.

If you want to feel old, watch the Oilers. If you want to feel even older, fall asleep during an Oilers game and know that Ryan Nugent-Hopkins stayed up later than you did. Pre-game interview, Post-game interview He also scored a goal in his first game back from shoulder surgery, which catalyzed the Oilers to a […]

More Moments, Please.

If you put all of my favorite things into one of those lottery machines and gave it a few spins, what are the odds that these four things would fall out? Stamkos #TeamEbs Cabbie Coca-Cola The answer would be zero, but that’s already the name of this campaign. These two will star in the next […]

Birthday Boy: #TeamEbs

Happy 23rd birthday, Jordan Eberle! Remember when we were asking:   Then we got distracted by the playoffs?  Well, meet Kevin Wheeler.   Please, no one disillusion me by saying Canada is not a magical land full of helpful neighbors, cops who give hockey-related high speed escorts and adorklable Jordan Eberle drinking  Coca-Cola products.  I’m […]

Tearin’ Up My Heart

Five days left left?  NHL ’13, we hardly knew ye!  Let’s be honest, though. The 2013 season has not been kind to all those we love. Some teams, after these grueling months, could use a break, a tan and another go at it next year.  I’m not saying quit, of course.  Feel free to ruin […]

Birthday Boy: RNH

Guess who turns 20 today? Wait, who? Gabe, who has the best eyebrows in hockey? And what does he tell “visitors” who want to stay past curfew? Does that line actually work? How often does he need an excuse? Yeah, we can kinda see it. As de facto stand-in Headmistress of #TeamRNH (until we find […]

Foxy Friday: #TeamGagner

Last time we put Foxy Friday up for popular vote, Sam Gagner stuffed the ballot box from ten Twitter accounts.  Or maybe you guys get jealous that we’re all #TeamEbs when we could be sharing the love. The Oilers beat the Blue Jackets 6-4 last night.  Sam had 1 G/2A and his 250th NHL point, […]

Bring the Action

If this little girl could read, I’d swear she was reading our Tweets from last night:   It was a big game for #TeamEbs and the reunited Kid Line in St. Louis!  Jordan had two beautiful goals.  He almost scored his first NHL hat trick on a breakaway, but he and Taylor heard  @amandalitty was […]

Foxy Friday: #TeamEbs

Everyone says do-overs don’t count, but that’s only when you’re calling your ex-boyfriend for a date to the wedding of a girl you hate. Here at #TeamEbs Campaign Headquarters, it’s Friday and this is Foxy, so enjoy our new recruiting video.   Don’t be shy, just bask in it. This is the same gym Mike […]

Just Can’t Hide It

Everybody’s talking about Nail Yakupov‘s goal-scoring celebration last night, when he tied the game vs. Los Angeles. .gif by www.sbnation.com Most people love it.  There are some complaints that it’s too much, too showy, that goal scorers should “act like you’ve been here before.” Guess which side I’m on? LOOK HOW EXCITED HE IS!!  He’s 19 […]

Awkward Family Photos

Roster photos are like a walk through a mine field.  Never have so many attractive guys looked like they were kidnapped, stuffed in a trunk and taken to a Walmart Portrait Studio. Remember that one parent with the plastic comb that “fixed” everyone’s hair on school picture day?  That parent was absent from the Penguins […]

Giroux Gets the G, er… C.

I’m swamped today, but there’s always time for this! Claude Giroux named Captain of the Flyers Of course, you know that already [Press Release].  Personally I would have gone with Briere (shocking).  Can our Flyer fan friends weigh on Claude’s locker room leadership type?  It’s certainly good marketing sense to make your highest profile player […]