Return of the Segs

After his abrupt and somewhat surprising departure from Boston this summer, tonight marks Tyler Seguin’s return to Boston.  It’s been four months since the fireworks of the July 4th trade that sent Seguin to Dallas Stars.  The pain of that day still stings at times, but like any resilient New Englander, I just have to […]

Oh hell.

“Suite & Tie” has not grown on me the way “SexyBack” did, where I decided it was the best song since “Bye Bye Bye” and played it ten thousand times. That’s about to change.   While I’m bringing back 2006 dance jams, can I resurrect SWAG for a second? (Then kill it again immediately?) What I really need […]

Happy Friday the 13th – Best Day for Hockey!

Last night was a heart breaker when the Caps lost in OT to Boston – I’m sure Ovi had this Nightmare:  And Seidenberg tried to take Ovi out with this hit but he found that weebles wobble but they don’t fall down! If Ovi can knock Jagr into next year at the Olympics, you’ll have to try harder Siddy-bergy than […]

How Did We Miss This? "Breakaway" – New Hockey Movie!

We didn’t even get advanced notice and it opened in Canada this week already! It stars Rob Lowe and hottie Camilla Belle! Along with Indian comedian Russell Peters. The previews look hilarious with the usual culture clash of Indian kids who love hockey but aren’t allowed to indulge because it’s not ‘cool’. So if any of […]

Foxy Friday: Doug Dorsey

It’s so freakin’ hot in DC that all I want to do is turn on the A/C and watch a movie.  This movie. Admit it, you have this movie memorized.  You’ve been known to say “Parlez-vous Olympics?!” and “Doug can read.” in conversation.  You want Doug to put his hands “WHERE?!” and you don’t care […]

Pass the Popcorn

This is almost enough to make me see Mr. Popper’s Penguins.  After I sat through The Dilemma just in case the in-game footage showed Toews (it doesn’t, don’t rent it).

Bruins vs. Habs – Fight Fest: The Sequel?

Last time the Bruins and the Canadiens faced each other, they combined for 187 minutes of penalty minutes.  (see my post about it here) That is 3 hours and 7 minutes of shame. Or triumph, depending on who you are rooting for. The teams also scored 14 goals between them. And the Bruins won.  So […]

All Coming Back to Me Now

Oh boy.  Alex Kovalev is back with the Penguins. Ray “I get s*** done” Shero acquired him from Ottawa for a conditional draft pick [link].  On top of James Neal and Matt Niskanen, Shero is running down the dream here.  Today is Kovalev’s 38th birthday so I hope he wished for a playoff race. Kovalev […]