The Kids Would Be Proud

Once upon a time there was an All-Star Weekend that reminded me how much I love hockey.  Well, that happens every year. But this weekend, like so much of this season, I didn’t actually get to watch anything. GAH! What follows is the best I was able to mash up from Twitter and my imagination… […]

Team Pants: Lockout Edition

The phrase “Fantasy Hockey” is especially cruel these days, when hockey itself is the fantasy.  But we held the WUYS Fantasy Hockey League draft last night, and despite the lockout I still made my picks count.  If we never get our game back, maybe we could just play some beach volleyball. With an eye toward […]

Wedding Party

Marc-Andre Fleury was handsomely married to his longtime girlfriend Veronique on Saturday.  We bring you highlights from the Red Carpet Show, with your host Sidney Crosby. Sid: This is Captain Tiny Pockets, reporting live from… wait, what is that?  Neal, Tanger, are you seeing what I see? James: Uhhhhhhhuh. Kris: Busy checking out #18 there, […]

Fantasy Draft Day: Sort of like the NHL's…but not…

The start of the inaugural season of WUYS Fantasy Hockey league is right around the corner, so you know what that means…. DRAFT DAY! As much as we would LOVE to hold our very own Combine (Running! Jumping! Flexing!) and rent out an arena in which to hold said draft, we just can’t.  WUYS doesn’t […]