Home Sweet Home

I was going to simply Tweet that “Ebs had his jersey retired by the Regina Pats on Wednesday” with a link to the only news story that had an photo [link].

Then I found proof that he can be adorable even when he sounds like the teacher from Charlie Brown (everyone does in this video):


Listen to this, if you can pay attention.  Which I can’t.


Let’s not pretend I hear anything after this:

But you can try.


We support Jordan’s overwhelming fondness for gray sweaters.  The only thing missing is that puppy. [Foxy Friday, Feb 2012]

Still with us?  Ebs visiting some kids hockey teams should take care of that.


Congrats to Jordan and to everyone actually playing hockey at this moment in time.  Now go back to this article and read again how Ebs scored 216 goals in 60 games.  When he was nine.

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  1. Um, I literally just sent all of this to my best friend with the title “Ebby’s Faceeeeeeee” – I think we’re on the same page today.