Tune in Tonight!

Don’t forget: Episode 3 of EPIX’s Road to the NHL Winter Classic airs tonight at 10 PM. You can watch it live for free at EPIX.com, or log in later and catch up. Plans are already made for pajamas (er, Chewbacca onesie), takeout and couch recuperation on Friday to watch the big game! Chuck got […]

Road to the Winter Classic: Episode 1

Welcome to guest blogger, Elodie (@hockeyfied), who will be recapping EPIX’s Road to the NHL Winter Classic for us! We are very happy to have her. She’ll help you relive the show’s highlights and get ready for every Wednesday night. Reminder: If you missed Episode One (because you were watching Episode VII of something else!), you […]

Tune in Tonight!

Though it’s barely been cold this winter, now is the time to get warmed up for the Winter Classic! This year, it’s the Habs vs. the Bruins at Foxboro Stadium in Boston on January 1. EPIX once again has cameras embedded with each team to bring you their 4-part behind the scenes series “Road to the […]

Hockey New Year!

Did you all enjoy the Winter Classic yesterday? Watch from the couch with one eye open and a hangover breakfast? I expect you did , even if you may have been alone in your living rooms.  The event posted the lowest ratings of any Winter Classic – as shame, since it was one of the […]

Humongous Big Problem

And I’m not talking about the Universe…. I’m talking about the Philadelphia Flyers and goaltending. For years now, the Flyers organization have had issues  finding just the right goalie to lead them to the Stanley Cup.  They came close in 2010 behind the tandem of Brian “Bobby” Boucher and Michael Leighton, but it just wasn’t […]

Two for me, one for you.

The Lightning beat the Flyers 5-1 last night, which means you’ll get to see Stammer’s flowing locks again on 24/7 next week.  Oh, and his two sick goals. Tampa Bay is still struggling below .500 and near the bottom of the Eastern Conference, but it’s always fun to beat Philly.  Stamkos post-game interview [link] – […]

To Concuss Or Not To Concuss?

Did Slewfoot Sid get his bell rung in the WC from Steckel or did he get it the next night during SCOREFEST 2011? That is the TOPIC THUNDER-GATE TODAY! Either way, the kid is down and out and snuggling with the Flower for a week and the Penguins have a big PR problem on their […]

PS: We don't like you.

Dawn is up in arms that I didn’t mention Handshake-Gate 2011, which I actually just forgot.  Glad you brought that up!  Because here is the  single HBO FAIL for this whole series. They say it happened in every other Classic, but don’t believe everything you hear on TV. The Penguins did not line up for […]

24/7 – Episode 4: Classic

The NHL’s biggest mainstream media events of the season are over, but man were they good.  HBO’s 24/7 finale was a beauty; the Winter Classic was worth all that hype in the end.  Highlights from the last episode: – Matt Cooke’s son in the matching suit.  That is gangsta.  And then his dad throws some […]

Mikey Monday

Mike was a little quiet during the Winter Classic, but not surrounding the Winter Classic.  In fact, he orchestrated getting a friend on the ice for the family skate to propose to his girlfriend!  How cute is that?! [Story] We watched the game at Giordano Bros. in SF, our fave Pittsburgh bar.  I had to […]

Here's Your Prize

Okay, the Caps won the Winter Classic.  Hissssssssssssss.  I got over it by watching this.  Unless you plan on ever getting in a car with Nicklas Backstrom (Warning: Don’t.  Scary u-turns ahoy.), you can skip to 3:52 for the best interview ever. The Capitals are all in LOVE with each other.  It’s kinda cute.  Brooks […]

NBC Executives Ride Short Buses To Work

Watching the AWESOME Winter Classic and Fabulous Washington Capital’s 3-1 Win over the Pens holding whining Slew-Foot Sid pointless MADE MY NEW YEAR! Welcome 2011! But the bizarre camera angles and annoying comentary from NBC made me wish my fellow WUYS tweeters had access to the CBC feed. Because Mr. Cherrie and I would have rather watched our lovely Canadian’s […]

Sweet Dreams of 2011!

Now that the Winter Classic has been rescheduled for 8 PM ET tomorrow, I don’t have to wake up early to watch it on the West Coast.  Rejoice!  Feel free to do this tonight, but put on a Crosby shirt.

Go Play Outside

The ‘stache is gone. Hallelujah. [Video] Somebody looks like a sleepy puppy.  Also, I really like this sweatshirt.  Not a great sign that it’s all he needs to wear outside in December, but hey.  They skated and the game is on (for now). Bonus: Jordan lost the shootout and had to run to the upper […]

24/7 Episode 3: "Girls love."

I had no one to yell/text/tweet to last night while watching 24/7.  The vase in my living room, however, is a huge hockey fan.  You can watch the whole show online at Youtube 247NHL.  Sadly for Dawn, Ovi kept his pants on the whole time.  Huzzah for the rest of us.  Highlights! – Ben Lovejoy’s […]

24/7 Episode 2: "Adorkable"

My girl Kimmy has coined the perfect phrase to describe Mike Green, Sid and half the rest of the Pens and Caps on HBO’s 24/7 Episode 2: ADORKABLE. It’s absolute perfection. If I had the setup, I would have stayed up ALL night screencapping   Until then, here are the highlights that I can remember screaming […]

Awkward Turtles!

No need to set your DVRs for Monday – the Sid & Ovi Price is Right appearance video is here.  And it is weird. Sidney, why are you wearing your shoulder pads?  You’re jacked but that is silly.  And reading the cue cards… sigh.  When Ovi’s unintelligible English is doing a better job delivering lines […]

Nothing says "Hockey" like a nice glass of Merlot

I love wine.  I also love hockey. Now normally one does not associate the refinement and elegance of sipping a fine Napa Cabernet Sauvignon or a crisp Pinot Gris with the rough and gritty sport of hockey.  Hockey is more a beer sport, fueled by the grease of chicken wings, hard-boiled eggs behind the bar […]

HBO 24/7… We Wish

The only way to properly sum up the awesomeness of Penguins/Capitals: Road to the Winter Classic is to treat you to the real-time Twitter conversation between me and Dawn last night.  Please note, I had to rewatch the entire show because I was giggling so much the first time. The Penguins watched the show as […]

Buy Me Something Nice

I just sit here and laugh all day.  Everyone thinks I’m crazy but they can’t see this.  It’s from the Penguins Online Store, where you can buy my Christmas present.  The title of this series is Awkward Turtle.  Sid looks stiff as a board and really, Geno?  They had to photograph him in various stages […]