Hockey Thanksgiving!

I woke up this morning to the Twitter “moments” collection of Fat Pets. Honestly, if my true calling isn’t assembling brilliant colelctions of internet things, I may never find purpose in life. So, while I wait for my fat pants to finish in the dryer, here is a list of five hockey-related things we are […]

Kitchen Confidential

At last year’s Carolina Hurricanes 2014 Casino Night, people bid on auction items that for some reason weren’t redeemed until this year.  I don’t know why.  But it seems to have been worth the wait. Video: Cooking with the Canes We didn’t bid to win a cooking class with Foxy Friday alum Elias Lindholm and Intern Jeff Skinner, […]

Foxy Friday: Elias Lindholm

This week’s Foxy Friday suggestion came to us from one of our twitter followers, Ellie (aka @hockeyfied) Besides the obvious (#Sweden), I honestly had no idea who Elias Lindholm was. But I do now. Bless you, Ellie, for enlightening me. Everyone meet Elias Viktor Zebulon Lindholm. Yes, that it is actually his name, and yes, […]

Intern Update

It’s an awkward moment in any boss’ career when you realize that, over the summer, your intern became hot. We could dial that back down a few notches to “attractive,” because Intern Jeff Skinner will always have the face of a 12-year old and be our equivalent of a little brother.  But it’s safe to say […]

Foxy (Almost) Friday: Ice Bucket Challenge

We really miss hockey, but it’s safe to say this off-season is going down in history.  Best ever?  Well, it’s not the worst and I’m not waiting for Friday. The Ice Bucket Challenge began in July in support of ALS research.  Read more about it here and hire Frates & Quinn for more marketing campaigns.  The movement […]

Long Hot Summer

Five minute post! I’m on computer-free vacaaaaaaaaaation for a week, but I could not leave without giving you this. [] There’s a game I like to play with Lindsay and Alison. I call it: Inner/Outer monologue or Tomorrow’s Blog Post? In today’s episode: my reaction to watching this video. FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE, WEAR A TIGHTER […]

Intern Hat Trick!

We will never hear the end of this one.   Only kidding.  Congratulations Intern Jeff Skinner on his first career hat trick! Look how excited everyone is!  Especially Jordan! Especially us! And these people in the Intern Jeff Skinner Fan Club – Nashville Chapter! (Psst: We told you so.) Forget that.  More exclamation points!!!!!  Jeff […]

Intern Intervention

Remind a girl – how did we have fun before Twitter? While this picture is funny (and by funny I mean ALARMING and BACK UP, HONEY), the best part comes from our friends at @Section328: Now, now.  I like TSwizzle and have been known to bust into a sing-along at the top of my lungs. […]

Intern Birthday!

Oops, am I late?  We’ve been celebrating Intern Jeff Skinner’s birthday.  He’s 21 today, so… we were having apple juice and cake. And we made him serve it.  This is a job, people! Jeff’s big day comes during the un-offseason.  He’s rather be in the playoffs, but how does Jeff feel about playing for Team […]

Not the INTERN!

This really isn’t funny. When we hire interns, we expect them to work.  When I drive all the way to Raleigh for the Bolts vs. Canes game on Saturday, 2/23, I expect Intern Jeff Skinner to play. Jeff is out of the Canes lineup with an undisclosed “upper body injury.”  Don’t look at us like […]

Intern Desk: Couples Retreat?

The lockout is making people CRAZY.  First Toews is using a baseball bat for hockey and Giroux, a golf club.  Crosby’s wandering free in civilian clothes, striking fear into the heart of pockets everywhere (and fangirl sobs into ours).  Patrick Kane took his mom to Switzerland, for heaven’s sake. Now I’ve figured out where Intern […]

Happy Birthday, Pants!

Obligatory Birthday Post! Happy Birthday to my dear dear friend and hockey partner-in-crime, Pants! Now I know that this whole stupid lock out thing has got you depressed.  Hopefully these amazing gifs will cheer you up…  

Camp Biosteel: Day 1

I’ve been sitting here for 15 minutes trying to think a safe-for-work way to describe this. The best I could do is a photo play-by-play of me, earlier today.  Enjoy. Someone posts that a Camp Biosteel video is up: The video opens with Steven Stamkos doing something so extraordinary that it can only be described […]

Paging Intern Jeff Skinner

Where is Intern Jeff Skinner right now?  At Biosteel Camp slacking off when he should be forwarding our collective resume for this job? Talented, witty, personable with a communications degree… sounds like some people around here.  (I left off the part about the criminal background check, which probably include a Google search and then ZIP, […]

Intern Desk: Pay Day

Intern Jeff Skinner here.  Jeez, I thought it was tough to get a word in during the regular season.  If Landeskog could keep his shirt on, maybe we’d have some bandwidth left!  Ahem, as I was trying to say… I signed a $34.35 million, 6-year contract. Not that anybody cares, because Crosby is doing something […]

Birthday Boy: Intern Jeff Skinner

Break out the Mexicolas and sprinkles… It’s Intern Jeff Skinner’s birthday!! Jeff turns 20 today, so he’ll be doing… exactly what he does every other day.  Drinking a gallon of milk, giving up his seat on the Metro and buying Girl Scout cookies.  Sorry Skinns, we can Party in the USA next year. Oh heck, […]

Shanabanned: Intern Jeff Skinner

Intern Jeff Skinner scored his 20th goal of the season last night, and it was a beauty.  Skinner had 31 last season during his Rookie of the Year campaign, but that’s what happens.  More goals gets you more defense.  So use your feet: But please, don’t use your feet to kick someone.  With your skate […]

Intern Jeff Skinner gets graphic.

You likes? I loves. I took some creative liberties but I really hope that Intern Jeff Skinner love it too.  

Intern Desk: Back in Action

Hey, I’m back!  Intern Jeff Skinner reporting for duty!  No one around here seems to care, since Pants was on vacation and leaves again tomorrow for her honeymoon.  Supposedly she doesn’t know where they’re going.  Pretend to act surprised when it’s Pittsburgh. At least then she can’t keep telling me I should have closed my […]

Foxy Friday: Intern Takeover

Intern Jeff Skinner here – as in the ONLY ONE here.  Where is everyone today?  Jeeeeeez.  One Caps vs. Pens game and the whole place needs a day off to recover.  Since it’s Friday and we all know what that means… well, I’m just keeping this place open by nominating myself for Foxy Friday.  The […]