Spring Breakers

Welcome back, NHL hockey. Before I watch my first evening game in weeks tonight, the Olympic break needs a nod to non-Olympians.  Not everyone went to Sochi – or stayed home watching ice dancing. Without posting the entire Tumblr tag (Honestly, where do people find this stuff?), it’s safe to say you wish you went […]

Days of Gold

Sometimes life is a movie, and I wrote it. Getting to the gold medal game was no easy feat for Canada.  Getting up at 7 AM on a Sunday was not easy for me.  Good thing we both brought our A games. If I scripted yesterday’s gold medal match, it would go something like: Jonathan […]

Foxy Friday: US vs. Canada

It has all come down to this. We didn’t pick the teams.  We wouldn’t have put them head-to-head until the gold medal game but let’s be honest, we can’t handle that.  We can’t even handle today.  Before we close our office doors and pretend to be throwing things and shrieking for work, let’s face off […]

One More Sad Song

I’ve spent the last 21.5 hours searching for the perfection .gif to capture my feelings about hockey. Team USA won. Canada almost lost to Latvia. Then they won. But John Tavares left the game with a leg injury. And didn’t return. Now he’s out for the rest of the NHL regular season with a torn […]

Stranger than Fiction

I love the Olympics.  I love all kinds of people on my Facebook timeline talking about getting up at 7 AM to watch hockey.  I can’t get those people to go to free NHL games with me all season, but the Olympics make them crazy. Today, the USA made it worth their while. America has […]

Remember us?!

Hello, friends.  Let us never again be so busy we can’t blog for almost two weeks. Luckily the NHL and Olympic Committee timed the men’s hockey break almost perfectly with ours, and today we are both back in action. Come on in for an awkward celebratory hug. We have enjoyed the women’s hockey very much, […]

Team Spirit Week

There are just a few days left before half the NHL heads for the Olympics and the rest, apparently, heads for Mexico.  I thought we’d take a little look at everyone who had something fun on their homepage – while packing our passports and flip flops, in case anyone invites us not to Russia. Last […]

Total Russian Live

There are times I will reluctantly admit I like Alex Ovechkin.  It’s usually while leaping out of my seat at Verizon Center, trying not to toss my nachos on everyone.  This didn’t come easily to me – nor did becoming a Caps fan when I moved here – but sometimes… sometimes (when he wears shorts). […]

Vote Stamkos

We’re 21 days from the Olympics and I’m already emotionally exhausted.  This Steven Stamkos video, sponsored by Coke, features the most straightlaced and patriotic cardigan in history. Add in childhood video, profile shots and candid confessions of previous disappointments and I feel like I just voted for something. Will Stammer be ready to play in […]

I’ll Buy That

I was right in the middle of working when this happened. Sidney Crosby Reebok commercial: “Home” Okay, day’s over! Blame Alison. There are also a few new Crosby commercials on YouTube.  Here’s my wallet, Reebok, just take it.  I don’t even care what you’re selling.   Let me pause that for you. Side note: I […]

Phone Home

I did not make this video. That’s right – someone interviewed John Tavares, complete with curls and a boyfriend shirt, calling his parents in sleepy morning voice while sitting on an unmade bed.  And it was not I.   You guys probably think I haven’t posted this because I died watching it.  Truth is, it’s been […]

The Island of Misfit Boys

Here you are in your Team Whatever jersey, wearing patriotic mittens, when you find out one (or more) of your favorite NHL players didn’t make their respective Olympic team.  Don’t worry, you’re not alone. For two solid weeks in February, you’re invited to our party. Okay, it’s probably going to look more like this: But […]

Mi Kessel es Su Kessel

It’s starting.  In preparation for the Sochi Olympics and all you Americans who insist on rooting for America, we are… Before undertaking this Phil Kessel makeover reality TV show, perhaps we should have watched 24/7.  Perhaps Intern Jeff Skinner should stop terrorizing my team with multi-goal games and do some blogging so I can watch […]

Candid Canada

I hope you made a New Year’s resolution to watch more hockey, if that’s possible.  Not in my house. While the US announced their Olympic roster after the Winter Classic, Canada found another way to fill their hockey quota. Video: CBC – Defending Gold: Inside the Making of Canada’s Team It’s thirty minutes inside the minds […]

America. Heck Yeah.

Or something like that. Allow me to share my unpopular American opinion: I am pro-Canada when it comes to Olympic men’s hockey.  I don’t care if the NSA turns their cell phone recorders on me, but my heart goes with my favorite players on their biggest stage.  We Americans win a lot in every Olympics. […]

Olympic Heartful

This afternoon, I watched the men’s 2010 Olympic gold medal game.  That one day, years ago, when everyone I knew was watching hockey.  They were Tweeting and Facebooking and cheering down the hall in my San Francisco apartment building while Chuck and I were shouting, “WE TOLD YOU HOCKEY IS AWESOME!” The Golden Goal was […]

Team Canada – Casting Call 2

Summer is over(-ish) and it’s time for Steven Stamkos to put away his white pants.  None of these fashion faux pas on reality TV, boys. As the NHL season nears, players will fight for their teams and for spots on the 2014 Olympic roster.  And, of course, for a rose on our show. First rule […]

Team Canada – Recess

There is video from yesterday’s Team Canada ball hockey game. The players all look so happy – almost as happy as I would be if this were a t-shirt shop and I had a bag full of Canadian money.  Collect all 48! There are moments when, as part of the unfreezing process, you have no […]

Team America

Okay, Team USA Hockey, I’m disappointed. While the internets, Alison and Lindsay, and our twitter feed is all a flutter with Team Canada’s Olympic Camp, all we’ve got from Team USA are crickets. Now we know that hockey is the #4 sport in this country and we’ve reluctantly come to terms with this but the […]