‘Tis the Season

I can live with ugly sweaters if the Christmas season continues to yield embarrassing team holiday videos. We’ve already seen the Habs belting out Elsa’s theme. Here’s a look at the rest… The Penguins have already found the perfect off-ice role for Pascal Dupuis: Team Dad. It would explain a lot about how attractive this […]

Foxy (Almost) Friday: Ice Bucket Challenge

We really miss hockey, but it’s safe to say this off-season is going down in history.  Best ever?  Well, it’s not the worst and I’m not waiting for Friday. The Ice Bucket Challenge began in July in support of ALS research.  Read more about it here and hire Frates & Quinn for more marketing campaigns.  The movement […]

Bring on the Beards!

Happy Day Before #&$% Gets Real, Everyone!   Every April, we wonder how we got here – if we got here – and panic. Prayers are said.  Shirts and jerseys are lined up to wear.  Post-traumatic stress resurfaces from last season.   And with all that comes something else, something glorious. No, not the possibility of winning […]

Max Talbot Saves the Day

Max Talbot will be the hero of this lockout. Flyer or not, we cannot live with him in this terrible time. Hold on, I can’t stop laughing. Max is one commercial away from being the Old Spice guy at this point.  Sexy as all get out, no shame and knows that women love a guy […]

Max Talbot is NSFW

I love you guys so much.  I’m home alone, laughing like Tom Hanks in The Money Pit because you send me the best stuff.  Specifically Amanda (@amandalitty) and Deb (@DLF1021)  who tonight sent this: Leave it to Max to make the dirtiest-sounding workout video of all time – while wearing head-to-toe sweats. #1: This workout.  […]

Wedding Party

Marc-Andre Fleury was handsomely married to his longtime girlfriend Veronique on Saturday.  We bring you highlights from the Red Carpet Show, with your host Sidney Crosby. Sid: This is Captain Tiny Pockets, reporting live from… wait, what is that?  Neal, Tanger, are you seeing what I see? James: Uhhhhhhhuh. Kris: Busy checking out #18 there, […]

And stay out!

Tonight’s the night, and it’s not Santa coming to town.  Jaromir Jagr will bring his orange sweater to Pittsburgh for the first time. Jagr played 11 seasons with the Penguins before being traded to the Capitals, then the Rangers.  After the ’08 season, he returned to the Czech Republic and played three years in their […]

Front Page

Someone we know once posted this to Facebook: Safe to say that hashtag also applies to: Biebs skated with the Leafs  [link] in a track suit because they didn’t have any Youth Medium hockey gear laying around.  Look at his pants – I bet they’re rolled at the waist too.  Phaneuf is all, “You said Disney princesses! […]

One More for the Road

I’m just going to get this out of the way now.  We miss you, MAX TALBOT and wish you lots of happiness, pool boy commercials and mustaches.  (Well, Dawn doesn’t.) But starting in 7 days, we’re going to have to kick your ass. On the bright side, it seems Max is being embraced by the […]

The New Black

Power at my house could be out till Friday.  If I had anything this orange I wouldn’t need lights. This is hard, and it hurts.  It also looks like the place Harry Potter wakes up half-dead next to fetal horcrux Voldemort.  You can stay there Max, but you can choose to leave.  This doesn’t have to […]

We Make Up with Max

Oh Max.  I cannot stay mad at you.  I needed a day to cool off and now I just want to hug you and say everything will be okay, except for that hideous sweater you’ll have to wear.  But your Christmas sweater was a good warm-up.  If anyone could pull off nuclear orange, it’s you. […]

Heart. Breaker.

Max Talbot signs with the Flyers, 5 years at 1.8 million/year. JUST KILL ME. Max got a raise ($1.05 mill with Pens).  And I know that when the shock wears off I will still love him but… do you have to aim right for my heart?  Do you have to stand so close and shoot […]

Win Win!

It is a day of rejoicing around the WUYS offices! 1) Ray Shero, you are a beast.  The Pens have signed Pascal Dupuis for 2 more years at $3 million.  Now he and Sid can stay up talking all night about Sid’s one fight again. 2) Six more years of Brooks Laich!  GMGM and the […]

Here comes the Pants.

I’m getting married on Saturday. Everyone is really excited. Chuck will be there. Just wait till the reception. It’s going to be epic.


I really do. I was there last year. My caps went out in the first round. This was me last year. But I lived through it. And you will too. You are better than this and your men need you. Maybe not your team but there are others out there in the trenches fighting, that […]

Penguins, Take a Bow

I woke up this morning to find that yesterday did indeed happen.  The worst 24 hours of my sports life have left me pretty devastated, but my coworker and fellow hockey fan Gator left this on my desk: Fortified on sugar and sympathy, I feel strong enough to write something. It’s been quite a year […]

We're Coming for You

It’s confirmed that Sidney Crosby will not ride the white zamboni onto the ice tonight for Game 7.  I needed to see this in writing before I gave up the hope.  That said, the Penguins are going to rock.  I am getting really excited to speed home from yet another work event in time for […]

Beard Watch

We have reached a critical stage in Beard Watch 2011.  The Preds and Ducks are tied 2-2 and it’s looking like this series could go seven games.  In fact, we hope so.  Because this thing is getting epic. Shea Weber is approaching Level ELMO.  He was somewhere between bath time and Rubber Duckie, now he’s […]

Double Oh Baby.

PENS WIN!  So they had a two goal lead, let it get away and had to slog into double OT to take a 3-1 lead in the series.  A win is a win is a win and last night… James Neal, you stud!  Way to make up for a lack of production in a big way. […]

TK Tuesday!

I can’t make an alliterative joke about Tuesday without wanting tacos! The Pens won 3-2 last night on a sweet baby barbecue sauce goal from Tyler Kennedy. [video] If you’ve never watched a Pens game with me, TK gets some of the loudest cheering.  He is my Who from Whoville, wha-hoo-na. LePretty had 2 assists […]