To the Rescue

A brief spark of lockout-ending hope arced across the sky this week.  Just as appears to be plummeting back to Earth like a flaming piece of space debris…

Mike Green holds a baby.  My faith in the world is restored.

He must know we’re out here on the raggedy edge.  Short of showing up at my house with a tanker and flooding the backyard into a rink for an all-star charity game, this was pretty much the nicest thing Mike could have done.

The adorable little girl is thinking the same thing we are.

Happy holidays, everyone.  Someone out there still cares.

(Thanks as always to the crack squad of detectives who sent this to us! Amanda & Deb win again, within minutes of each other, in the middle of the night.)

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  1. Tiffany @TiffanyRella Reply

    Once again, ovaries exploded and are gone.

    And I am totally peeved about the lockout crap. I have had enough.

  2. Baby.


  3. God, he has never looked better. This hair/hat/tattoo/baby combo is killing me.

  4. Deb Reply

    He’s smiling! Not the annoying ass Greenie smirk, but a real smile! Goodbye ovaries.

  5. I am ashamed to admit that I appear to be the only one that noticed that this is the same shirt from the camping trip. I’m so, so ashamed.

  6. Rachel Reply

    That cat gif is the definition of my life.

  7. Ely Reply

    is that CP for ‘her’?