Two of Hearts

My name is Pants, and I support two hockey teams. A while back, @eyetotelescope suggested we address the idea of liking more than one team. Many of you are in the same boat (er, on the same door) at this treacherous time of year, when four-point games rain down, winning streaks become glorious victory marches and slumps […]

Over and Over

Why do I watch the Penguins play the Flyers? It’s not because the Penguins ever win. It’s more like seeing a disaster unfold and being unable to look away – if you’ve ever been around when a flaming asteroid obliterated a theme park. Now, I could watch because I hate the Flyers. They always do […]

Hope on the Rocks

The playoffs give me angst.  For the duration of the Penguins’ chances I will feel sick to my stomach nearly all the time.  A portion of that is desire to win, and a large chunk has been devoted over the last few years to hoping this isn’t the moment James Neal does something stupid. I’m […]

Best of 2013

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!  Before we bust out our glittery heels and fake eyelashes for tonight, allow us a moment to celebrate the year that was in 2013. We spent a staggering about of energy, effort and time (usually at work) on WUYS this year but it’s really nothing without you guys.  Chuck and […]

Notes from the Front Row

While it’s not quite puppies (okay, here’s Tyler Seguin with Marshall), let’s talk about something fun.  Like the Saturday after Thanksgiving when I woke up with a stomach bug, barfed 20 times and still dragged my ass 3 hours to Long Island.  Why would I do such a thing? To be in the front row for […]

Karma is a….

You fill in the blank. Last night, Tyler Seguin and Rich Peverley both scored in the shootout to lift the Stars over the Bruins.  Perhaps it is a little poetic justice for those two guys who had to endure the embarrassing and juvenile booing and chants each time they touched the puck. Booing?  Really?  Why is that […]

Friends in Low Places

There are two kinds of people in my life.  People who understand why this: Makes me: And people who don’t.  The first type understands what this means, even if they prefer a different jersey. They understand how I can love someone: While at the same time wishing to crush their lifelong hopes and dreams. They […]

Show Me The Real You

For a while, I’ve been secretly lamenting the sad lack of behind the scenes Bruins footage.  It seemed like every other team in the NHL was out there, posting juicy clips and video packages, giving their fans a delicious glimpse into their inner workings. All franchises except the Bruins. Perhaps they were and I just […]

A Flair for the Dramatic

Patrice Bergeron certainly has a flair for the dramatic, doesn’t he? First, his game tying and then game winning OT goal verses Toronto in Round 1 and now this.   While credit goes to Bergeron for scoring the goal, mad props go to Jaromir Jagr for making it all possible.  His play on Evgeni Malkin […]

Tearin’ Up My Heart

Five days left left?  NHL ’13, we hardly knew ye!  Let’s be honest, though. The 2013 season has not been kind to all those we love. Some teams, after these grueling months, could use a break, a tan and another go at it next year.  I’m not saying quit, of course.  Feel free to ruin […]


I hope you’ll all indulge me for a moment with this post.  It’s not entirely hockey related, but after these last few days, I just need to get my feelings out. It’s been weird here in my city. Every year, Marathon Monday has been truly one of my favorite days in my hometown.  There was […]

“Look to the heavens…

Of the Staples Center” The Los Angeles Kings will FINALLY get to raise their Stanley Cup banner tonight and WUYS West Coast Correspondent, Aaron is hella excited about it. Check out his post below… So here we stand, about to embark on a far too short, forty-eight game NHL season. Man, it sucks to get […]

Forgive and Forget?

I, like I expect many of you are, am a hockey fan conflicted. I had been desperately wishin’ and hopin’ for an end to the lockout and now that it’s here, that is part of me that feels…weird. Like my friend Karen said  “It’s like when your teenager runs away from home, and you find […]