How to be a Heartbreaker

I’m not sure if I’m talking about Sid or what Sid is saying, because frankly both are doing me in right now.


For all the times he’s said nothing in post-game and interviews, when even I called him a robot… sorry, Crosby.  I was only kidding.  His diplomacy at this point is astounding, seconded only by the fact that he’s still here saying it.  I’d be having a full on toddler-style Target candy aisle meltdown and Sid’s still talking about battling on and not giving up.

He is more my captain every day, and he’s not even playing.



We know Captain Tiny Pockets doesn’t like to touch people, but I’m going to stand outside the next round of meetings with this just in case.  He sure looks like he could use it.

And because they’re all unemployed, discounts on other services too.

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  1. Jesus Christ his mouth. And cheekbones. HIS SKIN.
    Who cares what he’s saying – I can’t even hear the words because he is SO BEAUTIFUL.

    • Agreed.

      (Well, part of it is at work, I can’t listen with the sound on, so I have to just look, but I probably would have to watch multiple times in order to concentrate on what he’s actually saying.)

  2. Kristin Reply

    As a die-hard Caps fan I hate me some Crybaby Crosby, but even I have to admit, the guy is a class act here.

  3. Macy Reply

    I would propose a group hug, but he probably wouldn’t like that!

  4. Kathy Reply

    As a Flyers fan, I am not allowed to like him but he is rather goodlooking. During this dark time, I thought one thing that could ease my pain would be to gaze upon pictures of the Gingeroux with his gorgeous flow. Nope. I viewed a recent picture of him on tumblr with what appears to be very short hair. Thanks a bunch, Claude. I nearly fainted for the wrong reason. Sigh….

  5. Cassy Reply

    He’s soooo classy even if he is practically jailbait for me.

    I heard he’s thinking about Europe for a bit. I promise I’ll a) keep an eye on him, b) keep the cougars/pucks off of him, c) look after him and d) send him back in one piece. Oh, ok, mostly one piece. Can’t promise everything!

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  8. jana Reply

    I just love that even though this video is shot from the shoulders up, you can tell Sid has his hands awkwardly in his jeans pockets.

    I miss hockey. I wish the NHL and the NHLPA would put their egos aside (I’m looking specifically at you Bettman and Fehr), get their shit together and figure it out. Seriously.

  9. Finally watched this. Good lord Sid, your FACE. But I have to say his nervous smile when he was talking about swimming in his money like Scrooge McDuck kinda made me angry, and not in a sexy way.

  10. David Reply

    Obviously, Sidney Crosby thinks that Gary Bettman is a friggin’ liar and needs to go. Crosby was under the impression that things were close and then Bettman got up and blind sided the players. THAT is what he is saying. I would add that Bettman cannot be acting alone here. There are owners behind this, too, probably starting with Jeremy Jacobs. This tells me what I have thought from the start — the owners never intended to sign a deal. Any deal. They always intended to let things get at least this far, in an attempt to destroy the union. They are also destroying all trust. Bettman needs to send out resumes.

    • Pants Reply

      Well said David, and on this, the 20th anniversary of Bettman’s hire as NHL commissioner.