Foxy Friday: Love Actually

On January 6, pretty much every team posted the standard NHL announcement on the end of the lockout.  Doubtless the human beings at the other end of those Twitter accounts were doing backflips and splits like the rest of us, but officially they had to toe the line.


Here’s what the players said.  These guys who missed the game more than we did, who cannot wait to get back to doing what we love to see them do.  Let this remind everyone why we supported them through the lockout, and be super-extra-glad it’s over.  This week, feelings are foxy.


Starting with James Neal, who knows exactly what to say to me.

lockout neal

I mean, play it.  It’s our song.

lockouet stammer

lockout armstrong

lockout biz

One word from Biz is never enough, of course.

lockout biz2

lockout brust

lockout ference

lockout fisher

lockout giroux

lockout gorges

lockout hallsy

lockout logan

lockout maxp

lockout stalberg

1lockout cammy

1lockout grabner

1lockout moulson

1lockout icarly


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  1. Deb Reply

    That first tweet of Biz’s might just be the most profound thing he’s ever said