The Kids Would Be Proud

Once upon a time there was an All-Star Weekend that reminded me how much I love hockey.  Well, that happens every year. But this weekend, like so much of this season, I didn’t actually get to watch anything. GAH! What follows is the best I was able to mash up from Twitter and my imagination… […]

8(7+1) Days of Christmas

@raedanda sends me the best work emails! Today it was this KDKA-TV sneak preview of the WHIRL Magazine January cover shoot with everybody’s boyfriends: That’s right – pre-mumps Crosby and Geno, part-time models.  You know I live for shots of Sid putting on his jersey (3:15 mark, someone gif that please). Put this January issue […]

Trick or Toews

Halloween has arrived a little early for a few of our favorite teams.  In the world of the 24 hour Tumblr news cycle, these guys came to party. Letang is always going for it on Halloween, though we must point out the Mad Hatter is not a prince.  Disney, yes (so close!), but next year, let […]

Lethal Weapon

(Note: Lethan Weapon is one of the best bromance movies of all time. Bust out the VHS and watch it.) If you can’t hold a puppy or a baby, the next best prop for maximum cuteness is Evgeni Malkin.  I swear, if I baked a cake and that cake took a shelter dog for a walk […]

Foxy Friday: Evgeni Malkin

You knew it would happen.  No one can be this hilarious and adorable (and talented) without landing in the Foxy Friday history books. Also, as a Pens fan, I know that life without Geno is a cold, sad place in which James Neal scores no goals. I could (and might) look at pictures of Evengi […]

Here Fishy-Fishy-Fishy…

Chuck and I need a brain-cleansing after reading that disturbingly crazy stuff at Crossing Broad.  As per usual, Geno to the rescue! What are your shorts?  What is your hat?  I can’t even come up with a name for the thing around your waist to ask what it might be. The orange trucker hat really […]

Happy Halloween!

Love, Geno & Sid Geno Tweeted this picture.  I’m voting Geno for President at this point.  

Just Jokes!

Oh Geno, freaking everyone out and sending the Pens PR staff into a tizzy…

Tweet of the Day: I'm Score!

I downloaded the NHL Player Tracker app [link] for my Blackberry, so these guys can keep me amused at all times.  Does anyone know of teams with apps?  I could only find the Blackhawks because they were in the Top 50.  

Sunday with the Pens

The Penguins hosted a town hall-style meeting today for the season ticket holders and any woman under the age of dead. You can watch the highlight video [link] and bask in the combined happiness of these guys.  No one bothers to ask Geno why he’s wearing Ovi’s jeans.  Watch Sid take the ice… we see […]

Why God Invented Twitter

Sometimes I talk to myself in Geno-speak.  It only lasts a few minutes because I’m cracking up.

Cute Overload

Yesterday, after a charity hockey game in Russia, Geno did this: Since we don’t have a picture of it, we’ll settle for only-slightly-less adorable pictures of him – this time with animals. I have a special dance lined up for the moment Geno takes the ice this season.  It’s a little bit like the Elaine […]

It's T-Shirt Time!

Where does Evgeni Malkin shop?  Seriously.  Because I want to go to there. There’s nothing like a built-in white shirt underneath your other shirt, especially if it’s a scoop neck. Geno is the most endearing person in the whole world.  If he were a puppy, he would have to be multiple puppies to handle all the […]

How do you say "work it out" in Russian?

Special Thanks to WUYS fan, Rae (@raedanda) for the heads up about this great photos from of Evgeni “Bunny” Malkin rehabbing in Mother Russia. The scar looks pretty gnarly, but glad to see that Geno is getting in shape for the season. 99% of the time, I think he looks like a villian from […]

Did You Know?

Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin are UFA’s  in 13/14 and 14/15 respectively? I was shocked by this – seeing that the golden goose and face of the NHL would be free to wander and check out other goods sooner rather than later. Ovi is locked and fully loaded with the Washington Capitals for 13 years […]

Have You Had Your Letang Today?

I think not! Hot Mop and more. Plus I found this nugget of Malkin and since I will grudgingly admit I like him too, here ya go. But this still doesn’t make me a Penguin’s fan for the record. Just so you know. I bleed red, white and blue – CAPS! Ovi forever. Except ok, Letang really […]

Dammit Geno

We knew.  Everybody knew.  And yet today, every hour on the hour I have the urge to throw something across the room.  It could have something to do with the POS performance against Columbus last night. Pittsburgh Penguins forward Evgeni Malkin will undergo surgery Thursday to repair a torn ACL and torn MCL in his […]

Make It Stop!

Ok, I swore I would stop writing posts about the Penguins because there are so many other things in Hockey to write about but damn it, they keep doing things that are news worthy. First off, Malkin just injured himself AGAIN – YES – AGAIN. He went into the boards and hurt himself in the […]

Too Injured For All-Star Game But Not For Bowling?

Um…? The Penguins had their annual Pens and Pins Charity Bowling event on 1/17 and either Malkin and Crosby have been seeing a faith healer or something is rotten in Pittsburg. Not to taint my love for all things Letang because he is still smokin’ hot as evidenced above but for realsies? This is one of the many reasons I can’t […]


I don’t know who made this, but I’ve been laughing for half an hour.  I just… Malkin.