Luck Be a Lady

My dad asked me yesterday: If you win this $500 million Powerball jackpot, could you end the NHL lockout? WHEN I WIN, you mean?  Well, not with money left over for daily foot massages and a new Nealmobile.  Instead I’d start my own hockey league (small, I don’t need a lot of teams) and fill it […]

Euro Seguin

It’s no big secret that we here at WUYS are big fans of Tyler Seguin. Pants only recently jumped onboard the Ty-Ty Train and I’m delighted to see that she, like so many, has become wise to the power of this tattooed man-child. I probably shouldn’t like this photo. But I can’t help it. It […]

Make It Happen

Chuck had a dream last night that Jordan Eberle was her boyfriend.  Normally I would say that my work here is done, but Ebs and Co. will not be satisfied until they 1) lead the AHL and 2) convert you all. There’s still one holdout, she’s over there. The OKC Barons have won their last […]

Operation Hot Trick

If I’d planned better, I would have made it to Atlantic City for the Operation Hat Trick charity hockey game on Saturday night.  As it was, I couldn’t find any pants to fit me after Thanksgiving and it’s really tacky/cold to wear a hockey jersey as a dress.  Luckily, other people with cameras were there. […]

Global Warming: Sweden

Meanwhile in Russia, guess who remains perfect and is scoring a lot of points? Of course it’s Piglet.  He looks pretty fond of Ms. Pink Recorder-And-Mani combo too.  Or maybe he’s just happy with himself for having 5 goals and 5 assists in his last 4 games for Dynamo Moscow. This, this, a thousand times […]

Birthday Boy: Patrick Kane

Patrick Kane likes to party.  In other news, Tyler Seguin is hot.  When two things so obvious to the world collide, it can only end in Bromaggedon. First, it was just casual hanging out.  Maybe a Tuesday night happy hour, catch a movie in English with both French and German subtitles that cover half the […]

10 Things I Miss About You

I fear I’m approaching the fifth and final stage of grief: acceptance.  It’s a self-defense mechanism, designed to keep a traumatic event from continuing to hurt forever.  I would instead put to good use the money and free time this lockout has provided – learning Swedish, teaching kids how to ride bikes, adopting puppies.  But […]

Birthday Boy: Taylor Hall

America, land of democracy.  To prove that every vote counts, not just the people running the place: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TAYLOR HALL. (That sound you hear is Amanda and Jess crashing to the floor.) Since Taylor’s living and playing in the US, his 21st birthday is a big deal.   We hope he makes good decisions, […]

I Would Walk 3,821 Miles

3,821 miles. That is what separates me from Rick Nash. While I am left here to wallow in my ever increasing depression over the state of the NHL, Rick is over in Switzerland just having a grand ole time. He’s climbing the Alps and making snowmen with Joe Thornton. He’s looking impossibly adorable in a ridiculous uniform. […]

WUYS Scavenger Hunt

Just when I was complaining that there’s nothing to talk about… So what, right?  Biz in his panties, what else is new?  There’s also a Playboy Playmate featured in the photo shoot.  I haven’t seen the pics because the very idea just gave my computer an STD. Look again. WHAT?  We used to be a […]

Foxy Friday: Hockey

Remember hockey? That’s it.  No man candy this week, just saves and goals and hits and shots and the new all-time low I hit every single day while we wait for this to end.   How bad is it?  I’ll even take highlights set to Nickelback.  I’d take Nickelback themselves right now, provided they brought […]

Stripping Down to Dirty Socks

If you got 21 seconds with Jonathan Toews, is this how you would spend it?   I used to be a ski racer.  I can have someone out of that much gear with time left over for hot chocolate. Bauer hired Toews, Kane, all the Staals (sorry Jared) AND Giroux to star in their new […]

Decision 2012

We’ve already considered how John Hughes movies explain the world (The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off).  He wrote and/or directed the on-screen version of any teen-angst, awkward-crush, hysterically nervous feeling you can have.  Need more proof?   From the CCM Pro Summit Camp video in Vail, it’s Pretty in Pink: The Battle for Colorado. Starring […]


As if the lockout wasn’t bad enough, Steven Stamkos hates me.  He seems to think that in this terrible time, I should suffer even more. I’m not even talking about those pants. A beard?!  Stopityouarekillingme!  How dare you look this charming and reference the playoffs when the only hockey I can get is reruns of […]

Champs for Charity

While the East Coast was stockpiling batteries and Twizzlers on Friday in anticipation of Frankenstormpocalypse, the Chicago Blackhawks and friends were playing in the Champs for Charity hockey game. Photos from the Chicago Tribune  They look as happy as I feel, and I wasn’t even there!  All it takes is a little hockey.  Even Jon […]

They’ve got 99 Problems – But a Rink Ain’t 1!

Guest post from our college friend (and Islanders Fan), Comando. Yes, his name really is Comando. We kid you not. After 10 years of failed attempts to build a new arena on Long Island, the New York Islanders finally have a new home – in Brooklyn. Wait, what? How could a team called “Islanders” play […]

Ooooooklahoma! (I had to.)

Well someone’s playing hockey – and having a lot of fun doing it. If you think that I saw this link on Twitter last night, got out of bed and went to my computer to watch it with better video quality, you guessed right! Emilio Estevez – Post-Game [link] In which he calls a teammate […]

Mikey Monday: Want Ads

Yesterday, Mike asked: So are we, my friend.  While we’re sure Mike would look be great at lifting heavy things around the WUYS office, some actual work must be done here.  We can’t just be watching the help all day long, asking them to get things off high shelves and turning the heat up full […]

F&%$ You, Friday.

I can’t do a Foxy Friday when I’m this upset.  Furious Friday, maybe. You can read all about the depressing turndowns of the NHL and NHPLA competing offers at yesterday’s meetings in Toronto.  I have seen enough. The NHL took a swing at the PR tide by announcing a 50/50 offer to the NHLPA.  It’s […]

Yup. Still Here.

The NHLPA and NHL cannot get anything done.  Neither can I.   Only the reasons are different. The NHL sees this photo and says: So you think you can dance? The NHLPA posts this photo and says: Goonies never say die. I see this photo and say: Where is my damn Mexicola, Intern Jeff Skinner?! […]