Stop the Madness

Did Saturday’s Bruins/Pens debacle really happen?  I kept hoping to wake up and find that it was all just a horrible dream.  But alas, it was not. That mess really did happen.  I’m disgusted in both teams because they are better than that. They have really made me mad.  Like flames on the side of […]

NHL Awards: Hot. Mess.

Did everyone enjoy the Nickelback Convention last night?  The Awkard Turtle Unfunny Comedy Tour? There were a few bright spots, like Will Arnett.  Especially when he shanabanned Ovi for blocking Brooks Laich’s parking spot and sentencing him to ride on the back of Mike Green’s scooter. WHY CAN’T THIS BE REAL LIFE? While peering between […]

Chewbacca and the Ewoks Sent Packing

For those of you keeping count, last night the Jawas sent Chewie and the Ewoks packing. I think there was a grand disturbance in the force when Chewie tapped into the dark side and smashed Hans Solo’s head into the boards in an earlier series and sometimes karmic galactic payback is a bitch. Chewie will now be able […]


Claude Giroux needed to count to ten (in French) before throwing this hit in last night’s loss to New Jersey: What do you think – Shanabanned?  I would not be surprised.  Zubris has long since passed the puck and G seems to wait until after the shoulder hit is available, then go straight for his […]

Mean Girls Club 2.0

After this weekend, the heat intensified over how Brendan Shanahan decides suspensions and disciplinary action. But for us women, there’s no secret. After the Campbell empire of nepotism and favoritism crumbled there was hope for a clean start. But after almost a year in the position it looks like The Plastics are back with 2.0 […]

Weekend Hangover

I don’t hate fighting as much as some other people. What I dislike is hypocrisy. Philly has never made any apologies for who they are. What shocked me was  Matt Cooke managed to stayed out of the fray. Pittsburgh needs to decide quickly if they are going to play as a team to stay in […]

Principal's Office

It’s getting hot in here, and Brendan Shanahan’s phone was ringing off the hook yesterday.  Three players face disciplinary hearings for offenses committed during Saturday’s run of show… 1. Carl Hagelin Former Foxy Friday and Ryan Gosling stun- double Carl Hagelin is not known for throwing elbows and getting dirrrty.  But the playoffs make people […]


The Blackhawks have won five in a row, including an OT nail-biter against Vancouver last night.  Their next game is Sunday vs. Nashville – a big one for playoff position.  Too bad they’re going to have to do it without Duncan Keith: No question that’s a dirty play.  Daniel Sedin struggled back to the bench, […]

Shanabanned: Intern Jeff Skinner

Intern Jeff Skinner scored his 20th goal of the season last night, and it was a beauty.  Skinner had 31 last season during his Rookie of the Year campaign, but that’s what happens.  More goals gets you more defense.  So use your feet: But please, don’t use your feet to kick someone.  With your skate […]

Mikey Monday: Time Out

Mike is currently in detention, serving his 3-game ban for a hit to the head.  He spoke to reporters yesterday [video link] and was pretty contrite about it.  This is a classy way to disagree with a ruling but still take your lumps. Well handled, Mr. Green. Roman Hamrlik has replaced Mike in the last two […]

Shanabanned: Mike Green

Sorry if this place looks like Hate on the Caps Central.  We just want to win!! And this won’t help.  Mike Green has been suspended three games. I would be lying if I said the idea of Brendan Shanahan yelling at Mike on the phone didn’t give me the giggles.  I picture it like the […]

ALL the Bubble Wrap!

Kris Letang took a hit to the head last night and left the Pens game in the first with an “upper body injury.” Immediately, commentators began fighting.  Some say Letang put himself in a vulnerable position.  Others are calling for Eric Nystrom’s suspension.  EJ Hradek of NHL Network says: ESPN’s (former Foxy Friday) John Buccigross […]

Shanabanned: Brad Marchand

Let’s face it people. This was bound to happen. Twas only a matter of time until the “Lil’ Ball of Hate” aka “Squirrel” aka “Marshamont” did a bad, bad thing and got himself Shanabanned. Marchand has been suspended for five games and will forfeit $152,439.02 for clipping Vancouver Canucks defenseman Sami Salo during  Saturday’s game.  Marchand will miss games vs. […]

Don't Mess with Nicky

Last night, Rene Bourque elbowed Nicky B in the face. My neighbors must think I’ve opened a truck stop for the mile-long string of extremely colorful expletives that came out of my mouth.  Bourque got an elbowing minor.  Nicky took two more shifts, then went off for “observation” and did not return to the game. […]

Shanabanned: Deryk Engelland

Pittsburgh’s Deryk Engelland has been suspended 3 games for his hit on Chicago’s Marcus Kruger from Tuesday night. [link]  They ruled the hit illegal, plus Kruger was injured (concussion) on the play.  The sentence was mitigated by the fact the Engelland has never been fined or suspended before. It’s probably in poor taste (since when […]

WUYS Morning News

Mike Green didn’t make the trip to Winnipeg with the Caps, but he did take his sprained ankle to the Kid Rock show in DC last night.  He wore his only favorite sweater (seriously, he wears this more than Toews wears that suit) and that hat that makes me want to throw snowballs.  Money was […]

Shanabanned: Patrick Kaleta

4 games for headbutting Jakub Voracek. Yup, that one’s pretty obvious. PS: How many white shirts do you think Brendan has?  Will he ever go nuts and wear a blue one?

Shanabanned: Andy Sutton

5 games for this hit on Gabriel Landeskog. Mr. Shanahan does not like it when you mess with our Foxy Friday honorees. Click [here] for Shanabanned’s ruling.   

More of This

Greetings from  In James Neal news, James Neal scored again in the Pens 4-2 win over Minnesota last night [link]. Oh, you wanted a shiny new Nealmobile highlight reel?  (No more rhyming and I mean it!).  Here it is, thanks to PensTV [link]. JStaal, Duper and Kunitz also scored and Brent Johnson was first […]

Tanger Gets Two

Letang has been suspended 2 games for his boarding hit to Burmistrov during last night’s loss in Winnipeg.  Here’s Shanaban explaining the call [link]. Shanny calls out that Burmistrov maintains his course and Kris finishes the check without trying to minimize impact.  He also cites Tanger’s fine in April of last year for a boarding […]