Do the Right Thing

This is a few days old, but the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.

It doesn’t hurt if you’ve got a smile like Flower’s, either.

Also doing good work for the holidays – the Blackhawks, helping the Greater Chicago Food Depository [link].

Jon’s getting way too much hand-in-pocket there, I think he needs smaller jeans (paging James Neal!).  Or more squats.

.gif by @jobiegirl6

Can we get that for Christmas, Tazer?

The best charity event so far?  Scott Hartnell beat James van Riemsdyk to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief [link].  Hartnell raised $22k to JvR’s $18k… so JvR went shopping today at the Mall of America, in full hockey gear.

When there’s no hockey on, it’s hard to dislike the Flyers (and former Flyers).

The NHLPA Goals & Dreams Fund and RBC Play Hockey program have their charity game tonight in Toronto.  Alison will be there taking photos for us and trying not to get arrested.

If team Stamkos/Neal isn’t enough, Steven said in an interview this week: “Hopefully we get back because I’m getting too big in the gym working with Gary [Roberts].'” [link]

And I was said:


If you see a great hockey-related holiday story, send it to us!  Since I can’t just check team websites, there are surely a lot I’m missing.

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  1. Cassy Reply

    I’ll have a visit from the Bruins or Sid for Christmas. Not fussy. Will enjoy unwrapping 😉

  2. Scarlett Reply

    Getting too big in the gym. Lord help us all.

  3. I’ll say the sacrilegious thing that everyone here is thinking: if photos of Sid and Jon in their casual clothes keep popping up as frequently as they have been, I’m not sure I ever want hockey to come back.

    • Val Reply

      Right there with you, sister!