Party Rock

What better way to celebrate Canada Day than with the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks?  Since we cannot keep up with these kids, here are ten great photos from the festivities of the last week. Whatever you expected from a Patrick Kane party, you were underestimating. SWEDES, you have passed us!! (photo by @jstefanc) Police barricades […]

WUYS Convention 2014

The NHL wants to make up for the lockout, draw casual fans back into hockey and perhaps attract some new ones in a less turbulent year, because we’re still really mad at them.  Right? Not now, girls.  Er, we may be feeling warmer and fuzzier and playoff-ier… Seriously!  Hold it together. Then someone says: from […]


When it comes to the Blackhawks, it’s not easy to be the prettiest anything. You’re well-dressed… till Patrick Sharp walks by.  Feeling reliably heroic… then you see Jonathan Toews.  Rugged?  Try Viktor Stalberg.  Good hair day? Ruined by Brent Seabrook.  You can’t even walk a dog without being upstaged by Duncan Keith and forget being […]

Foxy Friday: Hot Dads

Oh holiday season, with your feelings of family and togetherness.  There have been babies everywhere lately – my Thanksgiving, Christmas, office. And my Twitter feed: Too much?  Not enough?  Keep scrolling for more cute. Rangers, Flyers… it’s not the kids fault. 😉 Parker Staal has his own Tumblr feed, thankyouverymuch. Madison Quick could be our […]

Champs for Charity

While the East Coast was stockpiling batteries and Twizzlers on Friday in anticipation of Frankenstormpocalypse, the Chicago Blackhawks and friends were playing in the Champs for Charity hockey game. Photos from the Chicago Tribune  They look as happy as I feel, and I wasn’t even there!  All it takes is a little hockey.  Even Jon […]

Foxy Friday: Furry and Fabulous

We all know that hockey players are foxy.  I mean, why else would we devote an entire blog day to them? Also foxy – the same hockey players with puppies. Seriously. I double dog dare you to find anything foxier. (Don’t even try.  Because you won’t.) This week’s Foxy Friday is dedicated to those furry […]

Blackhawks Convention Live

Guest post time!  (And Pants fixed her broken photos, sorry.) Hi, I’m Jess! You may remember me from such WUYS guest appearances such as Up Close and Personal and Our Friends Party With the NHL. Pants and Chuck have once again let me take over their blog so that I can drop a little ‘Hawks fandom on y’all. My […]

Am I the Only One?

As I’m going to see Dierks Bentley tonight, remember this?  It seems like ages since we saw a hockey highlight montage.  Or a Thrashers jersey.   When Chuck & I win the lottery, we’ll spend our days creating NHL-specific videos for every song on the Official WUYS Office Dance Party Mix. “I just met you… […]

Best of Twitter

We have to make a whole category for this if we’re going to get through the off-season.  Can someone remind me what we did in the summer before Twitter?  How did we ever know: Who makes double entendres with random-yet-endearing capitalization? What Ebs dreams of when he looks in the mirror? Who needs you to […]

On the Road Again

The Blackhawks kick off a nine game road trip in Vancouver tonight and guess who’s back?  No big deal. Jonathan Toews suffered an injury to his left wrist on Jan. 21 vs. Nashville, then missed one game and the All-Star Weekend festivities.  Maybe he was just worried about getting picked so late again. Patrick Sharp, […]

Our Kind of Christmas Elf

How was everyone’s Christmas?  We couldn’t post this last week or it would have spoiled the surprised that we bought Jonathan Toews a lifetime supply of those red shirts for Christmas. Now that presents are open and you’re either home with your crazy family or at work with nothing to do, enjoy Joey the Junior […]

Pass the Mistletoe

Christmas, I love you.  You are the perfect excuse for madcap hilarity from NHL teams featuring the only singing on Earth that is confirmed worse than mine (thanks Marian Hossa). Oh my God, it goes on forever!  This is the kind of stuff Gator and I come up with during intermissions at Caps games.  Get […]

Up Close and Personal

I don’t know where the last month has gone and I have completely neglected to put up this guest post by the lovely Jessica W!  Since @amandalitty is going to her first ever NHL game tomorrow – Blackhawks vs. Penguins (way to peak too soon!) – here’s a play-by-play of Jess getting to see her beloved […]

Best Week Ever: Patrick Sharp

Patrick Sharp has pretty much been having the BEST. WEEK. EVER. First, he and his wife Abby welcomed a baby girl, Madelyn Grace, on Friday. Early Sunday, the proud papa brought her daughter and wife home. Sunday night, he scored his 2nd straight overtime game winner in a row to beat the Sharks 3-2. [Watch […]

Hawks – Class of 2011

Welcome to the 2011-2012 Chicago Blackhawks season.  Also known as Patrick Kane’s 10th birthday party. Patrick is *really* excited because him mom got him a new Huffy bike and the double chocolate peanut butter ice cream cake that all the cool kids had last year.  Duncan is psyched because he stole that kid’s cake and […]

Deep Dish!

I know I’ve been slacking!  Lindsay is all over this. David Toews got swapped to the Blackhawks and has moved into Jonanthan’s apartment.  Sorry ladies, he’s in your spot.  Here’s Jon talking about how you can someday be a better roommate that Little Bro.  He even cracks a joke in this video – it makes […]

Foxy Friday….ermmm…not so much

So any of our loyal readers out there know that this blog – and this feature, in particular – tend to focus on the more beautiful aspects of the game of hockey. Namely, the oily bo-hunks that play this game we love so much. Patrick Sharp.   Sidney Crosby. Jonathan Toews. Patrice Bergeron. Patrick Sharp. Oh […]

The 5 Year Plan

… move to Chicago.  Because this guy is sticking around. Former Foxy Friday honoree Patrick Sharp signed a 5-year deal with the Blackhawks today (dollar amount not released).  I’d sign him to a 5-year contract with my fantasy hockey team for how many points he scored me last year.  He played 74 games, had 71 points […]

Blackhawks Weekend

This weekend’s breaking news: Jonathan Toews brought a girl to a baseball game.  Even the Chicago sports announcers were fangirling. In a related story, it wasn’t us. We’re not going to post photos of Jon’s date – let’s not be those girls.  Plus Intern Jeff Skinner reads this blog and we’re not sure he can […]

Think Twice

IT WORKED!!  All your wishing and hoping and posting and Tweeting worked.  Whatever we did, it might have helped.  The Blackhawks are still in it. They tore open a 5-0 lead in the second period on 2G and 1A each from Duncan Keith and Marion Hossa.  Patty Kane added one and thus went Roberto Luongo […]