The NHL Lockout: Progress?

Here’s Chocolate Iced, with an update on the bane of our existence, the NHL Lockout. The NHL has made a new offer to the NHLPA in an attempt to re-start negotiations and put an end to a lockout that threatens the entire 2012-2013.  With many NHL players already active in other professional leagues around the world, […]

The NHL Lockout: Number Crunching and Soul Crushing

There are two men who work in the WUYS offices… Or rather one man and one very adorable intern. Chocolate Iced is the sole voice of reason in this estrogen-filled den of hockey immorality. While he might not post often, when he does, he brings a certain wisdom and insight that we appreciate and value. […]

"Red Sox all summer but the Winter is…Black and Yellow"

This song = tioght.  *gets gangsta* Also awesome is the fight at the 2:08 mark, featuring former Bruin PJ Stock. He straight messes that guy up! (Thanks to Chocolate Iced, for sending it to me.  He is a true friend.)

We're Calling It

It’s our favorite time of year –  time for wild predictions that will make you a chump in April.  We have consulted the shine of Barry Melrose’s hair and cast leaves in a bowl of Jeremy Roenick’s tears.  And now WUYS brings you… Conference and Stanley Cup Champ predictions, 2010-2011 Chocolate Iced predicts: Eastern Conf. […]

2010-2011 College Hockey Preview: Part One

Fall is upon us.  The leaves are turning.  The air is crisp.  It can mean only one thing…it’s time for another glorious season of college hockey! Over the next two weeks, I’ll break down each conference and tell you who to watch throughout the country this year en route to the national title game in […]

Bio: CI

Favorite Team(s): Boston Bruins, New York Islanders, Boston University Terriers Home Team: New York Islanders Favorite Players: Alexander Ovechkin; Jarome Iginla Team(s) I hate: Montreal Canadiens, Boston College Eagles Player I hate: Sean Avery (What a jerk) Hockey Wife: Christine Simpson, Versus reporter ( I always thought she was hot in a Stiffler’s Mom kinda […]

Black People Like Hockey. No, really. They do.

Hey Ya’ll! Please welcome our new WUYS contributing blogger, Mr. Chocolate Iced! *cue cheers and whistles*  As a dude, hockey fan, and African-American male, CI will offer his insight, manly wisdom, and unique perspective about this sport that we all love.  He’s also a real life lawyer, so he can explain all that pesky arbitration/collective […]