Here Fishy-Fishy-Fishy…

Chuck and I need a brain-cleansing after reading that disturbingly crazy stuff at Crossing Broad.  As per usual, Geno to the rescue!

What are your shorts?  What is your hat?  I can’t even come up with a name for the thing around your waist to ask what it might be.

The orange trucker hat really does it though.  Malkin is like that crazy aunt who wears wacky outfits and is always smiling, always bringing candy and making you wish you were a nicer, happier, more fun person.

I can never see Geno being Geno and not have my day improved dramatically.


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  1. He’s such a happy puppy and only one word keeps coming to mind: muscles. Huzzah!

    Brain bleaching accomplished. Thanks, ladies.

    • Everything Lindsay just said.

      He is so sunburned though :[

  2. slapbetcomish Reply

    The thing around his waste is called a “Fighting Belt”. Gives the fisherman leverage to handle big/heavy saltwater fish. There’s your fishing lesson for the days, ladies. 😉

    • Pants Reply

      While I’d like to believe that Geno could haul a hammerhead shark out of the ocean one-handed, this makes a lot more sense!!

  3. Kate Reply

    Your description of him is hilarious, he’s such an odd duck! Hockey butts are ridiculous, that thing is huge. I seriously question how they find properly fitting pants…curvy fit?

  4. After seeing these tweets, I stopped breathing for as long as medically possible without losing consciousness. Words cannot explain what those arms/hands and that butt do to my mind. He needs to stay in Russia for awhile…for his own safety.

  5. Lulu Reply

    If a military member gets sunburned they get hit with “Destruction of Government Property.” I would call this adventure, “Destruction of Penguin Property”.

  6. MouthGuard Reply

    “Brain-cleansing” is freaking right. While we shouldn’t be surprised by the “Class” of 2012 (cautionary) tale, you have to admit it kinda casts a taint on all those newbie pubescent faces everybody was hyping out of all proportion. It was hard enough to look at them before this broke, but now… Ay carumba. Talk about hitting a nail on the head. Somebody get me a breath mint. Blech.

    Thank you for sharing these perfectly goofy photos of Geno, and to slapbetcomish for identifying that thing around his waist. I love learning something new! Geno = smiles. 🙂