O. M. Geno.

There are five lanes of traffic and a trolley track between my office and this newspaper rack.  I said “No way!” out loud to the whole sidewalk, then almost got hit by a bus taking this photo.  Most of these ads are a stretch (Jenna Elfman?), as is this one unless you’re a Pens fan.  […]

Buy Me Something Nice

I just sit here and laugh all day.  Everyone thinks I’m crazy but they can’t see this.  It’s from the Penguins Online Store, where you can buy my Christmas present.  The title of this series is Awkward Turtle.  Sid looks stiff as a board and really, Geno?  They had to photograph him in various stages […]

Dammit Geno (Episode 1)

It’s NHL Media Tour day in NYC and there will certainly be tons of fun photos floating around by this afternoon (all over Twitter already!).  They might as well give up now because I don’t see how they can top this: DAMMIT GENO! What are you doing?  Evgeni Malki (ak.a. Alternate Captain Awkward Turtle) has […]