I don’t know who made this, but I’ve been laughing for half an hour.  I just… Malkin.

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  1. Chuck Reply

    This photo is amazeballs.

    It looks like it was taken in a Russian orphanage…

  2. Brittany Reply

    This pictures completes me. In my horribly warped man-taste, Geno is MY Letang. *swoon* I. Want. Him.

    • Brittany, we don’t judge you! Geno is the most adorkable person ever and he has some awesome fashion sense. You’d never, ever be bored!

      • Chuck Reply

        Geno looks like a man who owns many a Ed Hardy t-shirt.

        Pants is right! No judgement here. We love all and accept all. I may tease Evgeni and say that he looks and sounds like a James Bond villan, but he’s a mad good hockey player. I would want him on my team.

  3. A full 24 hours later and I am laughing so hard at this, I’m crying.