How do you say "work it out" in Russian?

Special Thanks to WUYS fan, Rae (@raedanda) for the heads up about this great photos from of Evgeni “Bunny” Malkin rehabbing in Mother Russia.

The scar looks pretty gnarly, but glad to see that Geno is getting in shape for the season.

99% of the time, I think he looks like a villian from a James Bond movie but dare I say, he looks pretty good in these photos.  Handsome, even.

Wow, never thought I’d actually say that…


Now that Geno’s back training, what about Pants’ future baby daddy, Sidney?  Could he be far behind??



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  1. I am dead. Dead.

    Sweet heavens. GENO CAUSES ME PHYSICAL PAIN! I may post these in my blog, too. <3

  2. raedanda Reply

    Dammit, Geno!

    When I saw the pictures at first, I’m all like, “Wut?? Tha’s not Evgeni Malkin…noooo…”

    He IS handsome in these photos! Lookin’ goooood, Geeeenoooo! 😀

  3. So glad you posted this! I saw this morning and I was equally as puzzled – could Evgeni Malkin ACTUALLY be a bit of a fox? Bizzare. That scar makes me a little queasy.

    Hopefully not playing for half a season cures Malkin’s apathy – although I’m not holding my breath. He said in an interview a few weeks back that he’d rather win the Olympics now that he’s won the Stanley Cup. Wrong answer, Geno. Full article here:

  4. I am the only one who loved Geno when he oddly resembled Nick Jonas with chipped teeth?

  5. Ok so I am a Caps fan for LIFE, but ironically, I went to the University of Pittsburgh and I LOVE that he is wearing a Pitt Football shirt!

    • Seriously Pissed Reply

      Yeah, I love that he’s wearing a Pitt shirt. He’s really representing Pittsburgh well in Moscow!

      • Geno love America. America bring Geno Stanley Cup and many women friends.

        • Seriously Pissed Reply

          I wish Geno was on twitter. Words cannot express the awesome.

          • Anonymous

            I agree. Why no tweeting you lovable (and cute) Ruski? Why??? Why!

  6. THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY! :: screams and runs around office waving Pens towel ::

    • Yo, his legs are MAD skinny for a hockey player. How does he skate on those chicken legs??

      • Cassy Reply

        I was about to say that exact same thing. I have better, more powerful legs. I do. You’ve seen them!

    • Traci Reply

      OK, so I’m a diehard Edmonton Oilers fan, but Pittsburgh is my number two team. I love Geno! Great hands and stick moves!