Make It Stop!

Ok, I swore I would stop writing posts about the Penguins because there are so many other things in Hockey to write about but damn it, they keep doing things that are news worthy.

First off, Malkin just injured himself AGAIN – YES – AGAIN. He went into the boards and hurt himself in the second period against Buffalo as I am writing this. He will not be finishing the game and now maybe not the season. UPDATE: He is out with a torn ACL and MLC. Here is the current update.

Secondly, Fleury released his own cereal this week. Yes, that is not a typo. A cereal. So now you have the Flower for breakfast. I would obviously rather have Mr. LeBang but in a pinch, Fleury Flakes just might do. If you want to order your own here’s the link. You can get a snappy shirt too.

shove it in your mouth - i dare you, you little bastard

Thirdly and obviously to me, most importantly, below is a link to an AWESOME piece on Mr. LeBang about his run for Norris Trophy candidate. If you didn’t love him before – which I can’t IMAGINE WHY you didn’t -YOU WILL NOW. It’s his fault. Kris LeBang.

It evidently is all our fault? um .. yeah. I'll take it.

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  1. Wedding menu solved – Fleury Flakes for everyone!

    • Cassy Reply

      And don’t forget the Crosby lip balm in everyone’s goody bag. By the way, did I mention I can craft sugar paste penguins for your wedding cake? Or better yet, call in Cake Boss Buddy! Or Charm City cakes 😉

    • Fleury Flakes and Stanley Cup Wedding Cake!!

  2. NYR Fan Reply

    I’m wondering how many hockey players are on the invite list…and how Crosby would feel about getting his own lip balm as a favor 🙂

    • Cassy Reply

      Probably happier than if Dawn sneaks Ovi Gillettes or Capitals key rings in there! 😉

      And I cannot believe I squeed when I saw Mr Blue-Blue Eyes Laich scored last night. even if he is a Capital, he can come here and claim his reward!

  3. chelski Reply

    In case you need/want some REAL (aka Caps) inspiration

    These folks sit in the next section over from us, and right in front of the horn guy (if you ever watch a Caps game and hear the horn, that’s him)