Cute Overload

Yesterday, after a charity hockey game in Russia, Geno did this: Since we don’t have a picture of it, we’ll settle for only-slightly-less adorable pictures of him – this time with animals.

Geno with Sid and Duper.


Is this even real?

I have a special dance lined up for the moment Geno takes the ice this season.  It’s a little bit like the Elaine from Seinfeld, which is how I picture Malkin dancing, mixed with some Time Warp.  If Sid’s there I will throw in a kick circle.  Just you wait.

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  1. Today’s the craziest day of work I’ve ever had – and better than a hug, you’ve posted this. My heart is exploding a bit at this. I love you, What’s Up Ya Sieve. You too, Geno.

  2. cheryl Reply

    this has knocked me out of the blah mood i was in. thank you! (and geno, you and animals together is too cute!)

    i love this blog; it never fails to make me smile. 🙂

  3. Reply

    Geno and assorted zoo animals always just seem to go together. He is too cute for words with that lion.

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Can we start a petition to get Geno to have his own Twitter so he can keep us updated on all of his zoological adventures?

  5. Haha, I have a gif of Elaine’s dance. I’m waiting for the best time to use it on my blog.