Tweet of the Day: I'm Score!

I downloaded the NHL Player Tracker app [link] for my Blackberry, so these guys can keep me amused at all times.  Does anyone know of teams with apps?  I could only find the Blackhawks because they were in the Top 50.


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  1. Ummmmm, excuse me? The NHLPA Player Tracker? Thank you for the early Christmas present Pants. Good God – now I’m REALLY not going to get any work done.

    Also – the Pens have a great app for download (you should know I could barely type this because my brain was busy having an explosion thanks to this app. If I get fired can I get a job doing filing for WUYS?).

  2. Seriously Pissed Reply

    NHLPA Player Tracker! That is so awesome!!

    Also, I’m assuming you saw Malkin tweeting a pic of his cat.

  3. Greatest. App. Ever. #blessyoufriend

  4. Josephine Reply

    Lots of NHL teams have their own apps. The Canucks one is really good but I’ve also downloaded the Penguins, Capitals and Red Wings apps.

  5. I should have clarified – I’m looking for Blackberry apps. I don’t have an iPad, iPhone or and of that cool stuff. I spend enough time on this blog as it is! 😉