Lethal Weapon

(Note: Lethan Weapon is one of the best bromance movies of all time. Bust out the VHS and watch it.)

If you can’t hold a puppy or a baby, the next best prop for maximum cuteness is Evgeni Malkin.  I swear, if I baked a cake and that cake took a shelter dog for a walk under a double rainbow if could not be more adorable than this:


Unless it was this – Malkin gives Neal one more hat .   And I am a chalk outline on the ground.


Is that a 71 GENO shirt? I want that.

Nealmobile had a good weekend.  He scored the OT GWG on Friday night [video], had a hat trick and  5-points last night, didn’t attack anyone, etc.  Geno, who’s sidelined with a knee injury, is also making excellent use of his time.

Here’s last night’s goal-fest:


It was Neal’s 4th career regular season hat trick (plus 1 vs. Ottawa, 2013 playoffs).  The girl who threw her bra on the ice after Taylor Hall’s 4th career trick was not in attendance, but I’d rather have Geno’s hat anyway.


While it’s true that the Pens PR team is killing it here, and James is obviously reading this blog for additional strategies to win back the hearts of fans, mostly he’s reminding Pens fans (read: me) what he does best: have great hair.


Intermission Hair of the Millennium

I’m kidding!  He scores goals.  He wins games. Helps a team that always seems to be down at least one superstar reach, and stay at, the top.


The Eastern Conference took so long getting ready for these standings that we almost cancelled our date.  Now the Pens are only 2 points out of first, the Bruins are right behind and even the Bolts, after 7 weeks without Stamkos, are in the top 10.  We may be late bloomers but we’re looking good today.

dirty dancing

More post-game from last night in which James tries not to be too excited over playing alongside Crosby, lest Geno get jealous.


In case you’re not sold on Malkin, allow us to present:

Evgeni Malkin takes a shower.

Translation & behind-the-scenes video at Puck Daddy.

Yes, that’s Evgeni Malkin, Part Time Model.


Foxy Friday: Evgeni Malkin (Sept 2012).  During the lockout, I calculated it was 16,392 miles from my house to where Geno was playing in Russia.

And the coup de grâce: EvgeniMalkinwithAnimals.tumblr.com.

Since pretending to work is pointless today, enjoy some more Pens coverage. Hopefully you’re off tomorrow to see the 1 PM game.

  • Sid talking hockey after his GWG.  Zero antics, predictably. [video]
  • Poor Dan Potash.  If he’s not getting every interview interrupted by a crazy Russian Muppet, he’s getting taped to his camera guy by an enthusiastic French goalie. [video]
  • Newest episode of In the Room, where Neal is mic’d, he & Sid bicker and Geno makes nice (3:00 mark).

Happy almost 2014!

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  1. Hockey players having fun on and off the ice is always a great thing, even when you don’t like their team. Bromances are the best!

  2. Kellee Reply

    Just when I thought I couldn’t love Geno any more…I’ll just be over here giggling for the rest of the day.

  3. Lynn Reply

    Geno is the best baby! OMG it just absolutely killed me with the hat drop and then the video where he plays peacemaker? I am done.

  4. Heather Reply

    Oh my goodness just what I needed today!

  5. stop it, Geno, you’re destroying my life

    • and whenever I think my mom gives me the worst gift in the world … I’ll remember Neal’s mom (not the nanny. pie is serious business!)