All I Want for Christmas…

I need an ugly Christmas sweater for a party Saturday night.  Anyone have one I can borrow? Video: Happy Holidays from Your Washington Capitals  This year, remember that Christmas isn’t just about onesie pajamas and Joel Ward cracking up from the very first frame.  There is a deeper meaning.  Like when Ovi says, “Hey guys, […]

Mikey Monday: We’re Back

Oh Monday.  It’s been a while since I was so excited to see your face. And by your face, I mean Mike Green’s. The Capitals Convention was this weekend, so Mike’s friends are along to make your Monday better.  I had a hot date with Deb (@DLF1021) and Pam (@sunnyinNJ) who packed their high-powered cameras. […]

Work Hard, Play Hard

Yesterday was pretty great.  What more could you want out of a vacation day spent shoveling mulch and mixing concrete? Me, some guy, Josie, some other guys and Rhea You should all come to the Kaboom Caps playground build next year, but only if you’re prepared to work your butts off.  We had a great […]

Hot Wheels

On Thursday night, Gator and I went to the Washington Auto Show to meet John Carlson and Brooks Laich.  It was more than a little disorganized, but we sweet-talked the right people and ended up getting to hang around their interview filming and then cut the whole line.  Unintentionally awesome! Be jealous.  They were super […]

I Drove All Night

Gator and I are like a married couple who have the same argument all the time, over and over.  It goes like this: Gator: “I can’t believe you like Mike Green.  He’s so….” Pants: “… Mike Green.” And that is the only explanation, besides falling down and looking so relieved when he scores a goal. […]

Mikey Monday: Game Over

Gator and I had the best time ever at the Caps Home Opener on Saturday. First of all, the warm-up skate.  Mike Green, no helmet, cruising around like the Fresh Prince in Summertime – “Two miles an hour so everybody sees you.”  Yes, he’s fresh from the barber shop and basketball courts in the summer […]

The Best NHL Player Work Out Video – EVA! Fu Man Drew – Buffalo Wins!

Drew Stafford of Buffalo wins in the NHL player post of their work out videos. This is why WUYS loves YOUTUBE, HOCKEY, NHL players, their work outs and their sense of humor! Kris Letang – you are hot – no contest. Brooks Laich – you can do it on skates – no contest. But Fu Man Drew – your sense […]

Baby, We Laich It.

Deb submitted this video with the Tweet “Brooks Laich showing Tanger up in the workout department.” Ladies, discuss. My first thought was, “Ha ha (insert Beavis and Butthead laugh), they said ‘lower body’.” Then (out loud), “Stop, you’re hurting my knees!” and then “Why are you wearing a life preserver?”  It is, of course, a weight […]

New Season, New Hope!

This is what I’ve been up to (see below) in hopes of helping the Capitals win the Stanley cup – FINALLY! I was so excited when I read the big fall preview of THN issue that still puts the Capitals as winning the cup in 2012! With all their off-season re-tooling, high praise for GMGM and loyalty to BB […]

Win Win!

It is a day of rejoicing around the WUYS offices! 1) Ray Shero, you are a beast.  The Pens have signed Pascal Dupuis for 2 more years at $3 million.  Now he and Sid can stay up talking all night about Sid’s one fight again. 2) Six more years of Brooks Laich!  GMGM and the […]

Mikey Monday: Stay

Apparently the Capitals need more incentive to give Brooksy a contract.  So we’re going for the heart-strings, breaking out Mike’s scrapbook and saying PLEASE DON’T TAKE HIM AWAY. The Hockey Junkies have a great Date Night feature that once included Mike.  Even they pointed it out: Mike picks you up in this ridiculous white Lamborghini and […]

Birthday Boy: Brooks Laich

Happy 28th Birthday, Brooks!  So nice of you to tell us exactly what gift you want.  But you should be getting a new contract. Of all the Caps, you’re the one I feel the least bad about liking.  Well, you and Nicky B (because not liking Nicky is the same as not liking ice cream […]

Any Volunteers?

Stockholm Syndrome is a term used to describe a paradoxical psychological phenomenon wherein hostages express empathy and have positive feelings toward their captors. (from Wikipedia) Happy Wednesday, y’all.

Mikey Monday: This Again

I think we’ve posted this before but hey, it’s summer for some people and we’ve got a long way to go.  I CRY every time I watch this.  Then I laugh for half  an hour.  Then I go back, watch it again and think “Sasha is so pretty.”  (I mean REALLY.  Take away the early […]

Waiting for Tonight

I have to back Dawn up on this one.  What the actual hell is going on, Caps?  Is it asking too much from you (Mike Green) to, um, I don’t know… PLAY at all during the 3rd period?  I know BB put you in time out.  He probably sent you to bed hungry.  And I’m […]

Mikey Monday: Had a Bad Day

Whenever someone messes up in a Caps game I think, “Thank God it wasn’t Mike.”  But last night, it was. I hung around Verizon for about 30 min yesterday after the Nationals game, deciding if I should spend way too much money on a hockey ticket or save it for Game 5.  If there is […]

How To With Brooksy & Kris.

I found these and Kris Letang has one too so you can watch both. But Brooksy actually explains something I really didn’t know. And leave it to Mr. OCD to break it down in simple terms. Plus. I really can’t resist men with power tools.

A Good Roomate?

An Epic Bromance is more like it! Watch Ovi light up when he talks about ‘Semmy’ and Mike Green later on about his roommate Nicky B. No wonder these guys keep winning! There is so much love here, no woman will ever come between them and their underarmour! And sorry ladies, I wouldn’t room with […]

Mikey Monday: Evidently Animal's Not Ready To Leave.

Mike Green skated with the team in Tampa this morning but still isn’t feeling right. Does Mike Green ever ‘feel right’? OK. Don’t answer that. It’s a good sign that he is on the ice but after practice when interviewers talked to him the below video was captured. Nicky had to use a fire extinguisher while Brooksy and […]

Oh NoOvi Didn't!

Combine the power of the most popular Foxy Friday Alexander Ovechkin and the last  Foxy Friday Brooks Laich, add three newbies Jason Arnott (who knew this hottie was wasting away in New Jersey and I predict future Foxy Friday!), meiner lieblinge Herr Sturm and Dennis Wideman and you will get a goal by Brooksy with 47.2 seconds left in the game to […]