Mikey Monday: Game Over

Gator and I had the best time ever at the Caps Home Opener on Saturday.

First of all, the warm-up skate.  Mike Green, no helmet, cruising around like the Fresh Prince in Summertime – “Two miles an hour so everybody sees you.”  Yes, he’s fresh from the barber shop and basketball courts in the summer got girls there.  I am telling you this guy does his hair with a mascara wand.

Bonus Round: Troy Brouwer.  Gator might be trading in both halves of Carlzer for the new guy.  Welcome to DC!

And the Hurricanes.  As I Tweeted, Eric Staal in person is a MAJOR AWARD.  Carolina, you are now at the top of the WUYS Road Trip List.

And Intern Jeff Skinner is… such an intern.  He can’t stop moving (not for a second) and just runs around the ice like a puppy who ate a whole birthday cake, grinning from ear to ear.  We might have to start paying him for being so adorbs.

Then the game.  EStaal gave my fantasy team 2 goals and 1 assist, and Intern Jeff Skinner had 3 assists.  Show off!  It wasn’t enough though because every Capital had a point.  Sasha Fierce scored on this sick breakaway pass from iCarly [link]:

Brooks scored on a wrister from Ovi & Nicky [link], and Nicky had a couple of big hits in the game.  Everyone was on the board and I said to Gator, “All we need now is a Mike to score on a pass from Nicky!”  Right?!  This whole “I control the universe” thing is getting a little out of control.  The Canes tied the game with just 1:19 to play and then in overtime, this happened:

From stam-bam-thankyou-maam.tumblr.com

Yes, that’s Mike with the OT winner from Nicky just like I ordered.  And Wideman  for the fantasy team bonus!.  In real life it looked like:

I tackled Gator.  It was pandemonium and Mike was First Star AGAIN.  That’s two games in a row!  GAME OVER, thank you very much.  Mikey post-game interview here.  Post game Pants & Gator:


Tonight, it’s Stammertime.  We won’t even know which way to look.

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  1. Cassy Reply

    I love it when Brooks scores. And we know you’re in control of the universe. And everything.

    That is all.

    Ps happy birthday for tomorrow!

    • Oh, how I love Mikey Mondays!

      This game is taunting me on my DVR, just waiting for me to have a free couple of hours to bask in all the points my fantasy teams racked up!

  2. Cya Reply

    I can’t tell you how much i love stretching pictures…my mind goes straight to the gutter.

  3. Scarlett Reply

    I fully support this appreciation of the eldest Staal boy. I had the pleasure of seeing him in Nashville last week(preseason I know, but still), and I was not disappointed. Captain Staal came out helmet-less and spent approximately 90% of the pregame warm-up stretching out his groin. He then spent the other 10% of the pregame warm-up posing at center ice for people to take pictures. I swear all that I say is true.

    • Veronica Reply


      I am a Canes season ticket holder and you have nailed down Staaly’s warm-up routine! My mond wanders back and forth between him and Intern Jeff Skinner grinning like the Chesire Cat…so adorable!

  4. Cya Reply

    wow…i’m so jealous.