How To With Brooksy & Kris.

I found these and Kris Letang has one too so you can watch both. But Brooksy actually explains something I really didn’t know. And leave it to Mr. OCD to break it down in simple terms.

Plus. I really can’t resist men with power tools.

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  1. Ovi, put a freaking shirt on! My gosh.

    • Dawncherrie Reply

      No no no! me likely lots!

  2. Seriously Pissed Reply

    Best Letang quote: “I did a big mess.”

    • Dawncherrie Reply

      Because he is a hot mess! That’s the way I love him!

  3. Cassy Reply

    At first I was like – how to what?! But OMG! Brooks is handy with kids AND power tools?! I think my ovaries just exploded, damn you Dawn!

    And Kris all shy and stumbling over his words?! Le sigh!

    Pants – I don’t think this idea of yours is a good one – Brooks is not safe anywhere on the same continent as me!!