I Drove All Night

Gator and I are like a married couple who have the same argument all the time, over and over.  It goes like this:

Gator: “I can’t believe you like Mike Green.  He’s so….”

Pants: “… Mike Green.”

And that is the only explanation, besides falling down and looking so relieved when he scores a goal.  Case in Point:

Caps Breakaway – “Who Drives the Worst Car on the Team?” [link]

Call us old. Get bad picture.

Troy Brouwer says it’s Mike with his white SAAB.  Then he calls Mike a “middle aged man.”

Be adorable. Get adorable picture.

Mike cites his own white SAAB.  Then brings up the scooter.

Meanwhile the winner is really Brooks for some old car he had…

Drive crap car. Still get girls.

that is apparently from between WWII (says Nicky)…

Smile. It distracts people while you make fun of them.

 and Ovi’s grandfather’s birth.  In 1968.  When they made Escalades.

Show only bottom teeth. No one notices gap on the top.

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  1. lisa Reply

    How could anyone hate this team???

  2. Cassy Reply

    Sorry… Brooks’ smiling…. OMG.


  3. Anonymous Reply

    I could just listen to Mike Green say “scooter” on a loop. Canadianest accent ever.