A Good Roomate?

An Epic Bromance is more like it! Watch Ovi light up when he talks about ‘Semmy’ and Mike Green later on about his roommate Nicky B. No wonder these guys keep winning! There is so much love here, no woman will ever come between them and their underarmour!

And sorry ladies, I wouldn’t room with Brooksy, too ODC for me!

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  1. Lindsay Reply

    Wait – Shaone Morrisonn now plays for Buffalo.
    Does this mean Brooks is looking for a new roommate??
    Hello, nurse!

  2. You should ask Mr. Pants what it’s like to room with Brooks. Because that is me. He’s out cold and I’m color-coding my socks in the dark. Well not really, but I’m OCD about the blinds and the alarm and the noise… wow, I’m probably really annoying, eh?

    Mike should be more attentive to his roommate and make sure a camera never sees Nicky with that hair. Is he wearing a ponytail? I haven’t seen a center part like that since the Backstreet Boys. I just think about them drinking Diet Coke and crack up laughing.

  3. dawncherrie Reply

    It’s an old video and I was hoping for an update but the love Mike has for Nicky and vice versa was too good not to share! And then I was wondering WHY DID THEY TRADE JOHNNY!

    • Cassy Reply

      Oh man – Brooks talks in his sleep and Steckel saying his new roommate is “no Mike Green” and the way Mike’s face just lights up when he mentions Nicky B. LOL. Contract negotiations *snorts*

      I didn’t miss Nicky going on about him and Mike “doing stuff” either and barely able to look at the camera. I thought they might have been spooners before. Now I am CONVINCED!

  4. Cassy Reply

    Brooks is looking for a roomie? Really? I’m totes OCD about the kitchen AND 10 weeks from being a qualified nurse. Handy, eh?!

  5. I remember this video like it was yesterday. I think it was one of the first times that we saw Brooksy after he shaved his head. From blond locks to sweet sweet buzz cut. MAN

    • Cassy Reply

      Stop it. The thought makes me go googly inside.