Mikey Monday: Bromance

Three of our top searches yesterday? Mike Green, Capitals bromance, Washington Capitals bromance.  I think this means you want Mikey Monday: Bromance Edition.  We exhibited yesterday why Mikey needs a hug these days and who better to deliver than his ENTIRE team? It must take hours to amass so many exhibits for our bromance case […]

Foxy Friday – Faster Than Laich!

There are gentlemen and there are gentlemen and then there are men named Brooks. I seriously don’t know if any other sport has as many men in it named Brooks. Seriously. Do these women get a handbook in the delivery room with a list and don’t get past the B’s in Canada? But this is […]

Valentines Day Moment of Zen

Punching Penguins, Manwhiches & Barbie In A Box

I’m calling this Sunday’s showdown of Penguins vs Capitals NBC’s Fistfest-o-Rama 2011. Because with the punchfest the Penguins are on, I suspect it will continue well into Sunday. And I for one, can’t wait! I am even hoping that Mike Milbury will drop Piere Macguire during the first intermission so we won’t have to listen […]

Here's Your Prize

Okay, the Caps won the Winter Classic.  Hissssssssssssss.  I got over it by watching this.  Unless you plan on ever getting in a car with Nicklas Backstrom (Warning: Don’t.  Scary u-turns ahoy.), you can skip to 3:52 for the best interview ever. The Capitals are all in LOVE with each other.  It’s kinda cute.  Brooks […]

24/7 Episode 2: "Adorkable"

My girl Kimmy has coined the perfect phrase to describe Mike Green, Sid and half the rest of the Pens and Caps on HBO’s 24/7 Episode 2: ADORKABLE. It’s absolute perfection. If I had the setup, I would have stayed up ALL night screencapping   Until then, here are the highlights that I can remember screaming […]