Baby, We Laich It.

Deb submitted this video with the Tweet “Brooks Laich showing Tanger up in the workout department.”

Ladies, discuss.

My first thought was, “Ha ha (insert Beavis and Butthead laugh), they said ‘lower body’.” Then (out loud), “Stop, you’re hurting my knees!” and then “Why are you wearing a life preserver?”  It is, of course, a weight vest.  Which I’d never heard of before these workout videos starting popping up.

Since Mikey did a workout vid, Brooks has to do one.  It’s part of the up-all-night girl talk agreements they made during that sleepover, after which Brooks made Mike cereal for breakfast.  Mike was not impressed.

He makes a bid for All Time Squat Champion by doing them with skates on.  I look away in fear.  (My vote: Tazer still wears this crown.)

And in today’s episode of Cassy’s New Job – being this spotter person.  Put on some Pitbull and let’s dance.

OH MY OKAY!!  When you get to 2:16, Brooks wins.  All in, he takes the pot.  And he is not bluffing.  See for yourselves:

I’m sure you’re all thinking, “Thanks Deb!”  Or you will be when you regain consciousness.

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  1. Good lord. I can’t resist a man in Under Armour gear. Or maybe just Brooks.

    My vote for the league’s best squatter is still Tazer. He’s in a league all of his own – literally, with his own WUYS category.

    This terrible off-season is only made possible by the excessive amount of workout videos they’ve released. Thank you Deb and thank you sweet baby Jesus.

  2. Carter Reply

    Can I get pregnant from this?

  3. That’s my bff, ya’ll. We were in awe watching that last night and in complete disbelief he can do that on skates. Kinda makes you wonder what else he can do on skates….My brain needs a Purell wash.

  4. Cassy Reply

    Deb – will you be my new best friend?

    And can I join this gym?

    And sure I’ll spot; I’ll hold his water, towel, encourage him, give his boo-boos a kiss after, rub the sore bits *evil grin*

    Great post. Great video. *heavy sigh*

  5. I’m glad my being nocturnal and a Tumblr junkie finally made someone other than myself happy.

    I think, next to the start of the season, that late-summer training is the best time of year for the appreciative female hockey fan.

    Oh, pretty sure Brooks’ one-legged squats and amazing ab strength obliterated my ovaries for good

  6. Deanna Reply


  7. Anonymous Reply

    That’s it – I’m officially changing gyms lol

  8. I made the mistake of watching this video, in full-screen HD, when my computer was hooked up to my giant TV. I don’t think I made it all the way to the end. I was blushing so hard. Seriously though, what is the REAL reason that all these workout videos exist? Do men really watch other men work out for work out inspiration? This is a serious question. Because it seems to me that these videos only exist to cause FANGIRL DEATHSPLOSIONS. Especially at 4:50… that camera angle is not an accident.

    Now… where is the 6 minute-long HD Toews workout video? Oh, that’s right, it doesn’t exist because NO ONE WOULD BE LEFT ALIVE.

  9. He is on skates!


  10. I took figure skating lessons during the lockout, and made the mistake of asking my teacher how to improve my ankle strength (My wobbly ankles were making me drift to the left on my backward one-footed glides. So tragic.) Yeah, he showed me how to do lunges on skates. I laughed and realized he was serious. I did a few and thought, well, thankfully I didn’t need really strong ankles. He showed me a few other exercises, which I don’t remember. Clearly I needed Brooks demonstrated them for me, then I would have remembered them.

  11. When he posted some of those videos early in the summer when he was still negotiating his contract, I called them infomercials.

  12. Rose Reply

    NOO it won’t let me view it. Anybody know of another link? I need to see this. NEED to.

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